And, she’s made a decision

The college process has been a ground-up project for Katy. Some students know where they want to go to school … their parent(s) alma mater … the school they grew up cheering for in the bowl games … the school where they once went to a retreat or summer camp. Katy never had any pre-conceived […]

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Last Christmas of the 20-teens

I guess in a week we’re back to the Roaring 20s. Christmas Eve I took my usual stab at getting Katy and Buddy under the tree. (And no, Buddy doesn’t have cataracts, it’s something called corneal dystrophy.) We went to church and then home for tamales and rice for dinner. I asked Katy to set […]

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“Doubles … Give it to me!”

The “plastic wrap ball game” does not promote good manners. Katy’s “group chat” friends usually go to a movie the last day of the semester as there’s a theater right across the street from school. Well, with the exemption policy only one of the girls actually had to take a final today so no one […]

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A Merry Time at The Merry Market

Every December Katy’s Girl Scout troop (a special interest group for middle and high schoolers called Gamma Gamma Sigma) does a volunteer project and then has a party. Last year they did a book and pajama drive for foster children so that just entailed getting together to sort things out. Then they went to a […]

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She’s an adult

Well, Heath and I managed to get Katy to legal adulthood without too many mess ups along the way. Today is her birthday but the celebrating started Saturday with a laser tag and video game party at Main Event. I tried to get a photo of all the girls. In the first one, Ivy was […]

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Back to Berry

Katy wanted to make another trip to Berry College near Rome before making her final decision. I wasn’t sure when we were going to do this, then I looked at their calendar and realized they have classes Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Our school district is off the whole week so that was going […]

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A little native culture

You know how we are on cultural adventures around here but it’s usually something international. Today we decided to experience something a little more local. For the last 20 years there has been a powwow at Stone Mountain Park. For about the last 10 years I’ve wanted to go. For about the last 10 years […]

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A second trip to Milledgeville

Katy is still wrestling with the college decision. Right after school ended in May we took a tour of Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville (summary here). That was the first school where Katy said “I really feel like I belong here”. She submitted her application but we won’t hear anything until around Thanksgiving. […]

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A taste of college life

As I have mentioned, Katy applied to the University of Alabama in Huntsville early (it was an easy application) and was accepted and offered a very nice merit scholarship. They have overnight events for admitted students with three scheduled this semester and then they’ll have some next semester, too. They run from Sunday to Monday […]

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