Heartbeat songs

When I was in middle and high school I was in Heartbeat, our church youth group at International Baptist Church of Singapore. When I was in eighth grade, some of the members came up with the idea of a songbook with all of our favorite songs. Singapore wasn’t part of the international copyright agreement at the time (hello cheap pirated cassettes) so it was pretty easy to get one assembled. I found mine and had some requests for the words of some of the songs we sang regularly. So here they are.


For Those Tears I Died

Part the Waters

He’s  Everything to Me

Happiness is the Lord

Pass It On

Say I Do

They’ll Know We are Christians

I Just Came to Praise the Lord/Will You Stay Where You Are?

There’s a River of Life/Do Lord

Give Me Oil in my Lamp

I Love You with the Love of the Lord

Father I Adore You

I Wish We’d All Been Ready

Father Abraham/I’ve Got a Joy

Over the Sea/Clap Your Hands

He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield/I’ve Been Redeemed/King of Kings

I Am a Christian

He is Alive/Rise and Shine

2 thoughts on “Heartbeat songs

  1. Another one was “His Banner over me is love”. There was another one that had the words, from the setting of the sun to the same, or something like that from Jeremiah I think. I wish I could remember that one.

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