Dana Hall

Katy was in Dana Hall last year (second west). Not her first choice and I don’t think her second or third either but for all the freshmen across the country who spent their freshmen year holed up at home in front of a computer she was just glad to be at school.

Spring of 2020 move-out was more of an evacuation than anything else so nothing was really done right. When we got there the furniture was already lofted. When she checked out in the spring we had to deloft everything. And putting those beds up and taking them down is a three-person job. Unless you have strong young sons, I guess! This is what the room looked like when she moved out and probably what it will look like at move in.


So it’s not much to look at empty but then you start arranging and decorating and it gets downright homey.

This is what it looked like at move-in last year, the other bed is directly across and the girls decided to just leave it that way. It wasn’t the most efficient use of space. There is room to put one of the beds along the window making the beds L-shaped and it frees up more useful space. But it worked for them.

IMG_0010 - Copy

The beds weren’t fully lofted. This what they look like at the highest level. I just swiped a screenshot from the 360 video tour. To accomplish this you have to spread the desk and dresser out a little further. And they can face in or out, depending how you want to set it up. There are several configurations for lofting or you can put everything on the floor, but as you can tell from the first photo this room isn’t big enough for that.

dorm room - Copy

The desk and dresser are really nice. The dresser has three drawers and the hutch is removable. The desk hutch has a built-in light, outlet and a bulletin board. It also also has side drawers (don’t remember how many) and a center drawer.


There is more space than it looks like between the desk and the wall. They put the fridge in that little slot with the microwave on top and that’s about all there is room for. Right next to the closet is the a/c-heating ductwork or whatever.


The closets don’t have doors so you lose some storage space since you can’t do an over-the-door organizer of any kind. There is plenty of space on that top shelf, though. You can buy some sturdy shelves (I found nice ones at The Container Store) and stack stuff up. I sent Katy with more toiletries and cleaning supplies than I normally would just to cut down her off-campus trips. Covid, you know. Katy says Central has both closets on the same side so on the other side you have more wall space and it makes the room look bigger.

The shelf at the to of the closet. I got out the shelves and bins to measure the width. It’s about 44 inches wide on the inside. The closet opening is a little narrower. If you want to get a tension rod for hanging a shower curtain, Katy’s was 27-40″ and it worked fine.Those three plastic tubs stacked up on the right are just under 7″ tall and there might have been room for a fourth one. There is plenty of vertical space to stack stuff. You might want to get some shelves to help organize.


Command Hooks are a must. I don’t know how we survived dorm life without them. Do not glue them down, though. At move-in we found one in the closet that had been glued to the wall and wasn’t coming off. Be sure to note things like that when you move in so you don’t get charged at the end of the year.

Katy’s side of the room was the non-sink side so she had that little storage area by the closet. The sink is directly across from that. The closet is about 44 inches wide on the inside. That laundry basket on the right is 21 inches and there was enough space behind it for a small ironing board but not really much else. Based on some other photos I took I’d say the depth is about 24-26 inches.

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_Samsung Messages_20200813_184239

This is the other side of the room. You can see there’s a lot more space between the end of the bed (where the pink jacket is hanging) and the closet. But it’s probably the same amount of space as the other side, just all together.

The sink has a medicine cabinet over it so they could put their toothbrushes and toothpaste where it’s easy to get to. I didn’t think a sink in the room was that big of a feature but with covid it was nice. They could only have six at a time in the bathrooms and just less exposure to other people. The girls put their shower totes underneath the sink. You can see they are on something to catch the drips and keep the carpet dry. Katy had one of the absorbent mats that go under a dish drying rack. They also put command hooks on the wall by the sink for their hand towels. There are also two outlets.


Since the closets don’t have doors some girls like to put something up there, some don’t. I don’t think any boys care. A standard shower curtain and a tension rod work just fine. Her roommate had one, too.

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_Samsung Messages_20200821_215628

The furniture is self-lofting and there are all kinds of configurations. The rooms in Dana are small so you have to do some amount of lofting. These girls went for the cave look. Some people like to hang up a curtain over their area. Katy did because she had to get up earlier than her roommate so she could close the curtains, turn on the light and get dressed. Also she just likes having a little quiet area. The desk has a built-in light under the hutch and an outlet. There’s also a cork board to pin up a few things. And fairy lights are a must for the girls.


She has the curtain rod on big Command Hooks.

I mentioned the room wasn’t very wide. This picture of the two girls kind of gives you an idea of how much space is between the two beds.  It had started to pour and they were watching the rain.


I don’t know much about Dana. We only had three hours to mover her in and couldn’t look around. There are three kitchens, you’ll need to bring your own everything. The dryers turn everything a faint blue tint. I’m thinking from years of drying wet jeans. There is an elevator. You will be hauling stuff from the parking lot, bring a set of wheels or a utility wagon of some kind. Possibly both.  And the turn-off from the main road to Dana is very  easy to miss. We’ve taken the scenic route more than once. Oh, and a note about outlets. The desk light has an outlet and it’s plugged into the wall somewhere.  On Katy’s side of the room there were outlets way up the wall so she could sit on her lofted bed and have something plugged it. There were also outlets between the closet and bed where they plugged in the fridge. On the other side of the room all the outlets were closer to the ground.  Extension cords are good.

The only pets allowed are fish in small tanks (not sure the maximum size). So one of the first things Katy did was to get a Half-Moon Betta named Sunrise. He fits just nicely on the dresser.

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