An Easter Picnic

For Easter we went to Berry and spent the day with Katy at Berry.

I made her an Easter basket and sent it a few days early so she would already have it.

The pink thing is a stuffed bubble tea. It’s even reversible!

Then I wrapped it in a ton of plastic to try to keep it somewhat orderly while in transit. Well, it was worth a try.

It was an uneventful drive up to the school. We got through the front gate with no problem and met Katy in her dorm parking lot. She had been thinking about places for a picnic. She said one of the spots she thought of has “an angry goose” that has bitten people. So we headed to Swan Lake, which really should be called “Goose Lake,” up on the Mountain Campus, which is a pretty good drive from the main campus. There are two dorms up there that are for a specific scholarship program plus some people live up there. There’s a two-lane road and whatever the speed limit is everyone routinely goes about 15 miles over it just to get back and forth to main campus in a reasonable amount of time. It really could stand to be repaved but Katy says there is a theory that the school is leaving it bumpy just to prevent people from gong 75 miles an hour. It was a really pretty drive.

So we found the lake and had a nice spot all picked out and were just starting to set up when a gaggle of geese ran us off. They must have had a nest somewhere in the area. So we moved to the other end of the lake. You really don’t want to argue with an upset goose.

We had our lunch on Easter Bunny plates.

The lake. I didn’t get a single picture of the geese but they were there.

After lunch we looked around campus a little and saw some parts we haven’t seen.

The school has three chapels and Frost Chapel was right near the lake. It was finished in 1937 and was used for weekly chapel services until 1983. Now it’s mainly used for weddings.

Then we got in the car to go up to Possum Trot Church. We passed the horses. It’s foaling season and there were some cute babies out.

Possum Trot is really where it started. The church was built in 1850 and I guess was just empty when Martha Berry took it over in 1900 to start a Sunday school and then an actual school. Three rooms were added on to turn it into a school and  It served as a school until 1954. It has been used for various things over the years. Everything is locked right now so we just peeked in the windows. Katy said during her freshman orientation class last semester she got to ring the bell. Every September they have Possum Trot Homecoming. It’s kind of an old-fashioned Sunday with preaching, dinner on the grounds and then a singing. The public is welcome to come and bring a picnic lunch. They didn’t do it this year because of covid but hopefully they’ll be able to in the fall. At least for students if not the public in general.

There is also a very old cemetery behind the church. Most graves are just marked with a plain stone.

So after exploring Possum Trot Katy wanted to take us up to one of her favorite off-campus spots.

Fouche Gap is a narrow winding road up the side of a mountain with beautiful views of Rome and the surrounding area. Since we were going off-campus we took Katy’s car so we could go through the back gate and just have her parking sticker scanned rather than having to go back through the “state your business” main gate. I have to say I was really impressed with how well Katy drove on that little road. I didn’t suck in my breath once!

And this is the view when you get there.

Well, it would look a little nicer without the wires, but that’s how it is.

Then it was back down the mountain and back to campus. We said goodbye to Katy and headed out.

But, we had to go see the eagles nest. The original Ma Berry got the boot and was replaced by a younger female. She hatched an eaglet but being young and experienced wasn’t able to keep it alive and since then the eagles haven’t had any reason to hang around the nest all the time. Heath said it would be nice if they would just swoop in right then. I said we’d probably miss it, anyway.

That black blob in the top of the center tree is the nest. It is really huge. We didn’t see the chickens Katy takes care of or the sheep but we did drive by the cows and a saw a few of Berry’s famous deer.

Then it was back home and frozen pizza for dinner. Happy Easter everyone!

One thought on “An Easter Picnic

  1. Wow, that chapel is really beautiful inside! I still love following your family’s adventures.

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