A 2020 Christmas

Actually it really wasn’t much different than any other Christmas we have.  We didn’t go to church on Christmas Eve, which we normally would have done, but I did watch some of the service online. One of of our pastor’s sons had contracted Covid earlier in the month so the whole family had been quarantined and they were tested, too, at some point, and everyone else was negative. They finished up quarantine late last week or early this week. So it was all set for the pastor to be able to preach on Christmas Eve. Well, the evening of the 23rd he started feeling sick, got a rapid test on the morning of the 24th and it was positive. So he gave his message from home. They have a very nice fireplace.  Back at home we had our traditional tamales. It rained all day and we got a few snowflakes and some ice on the cars.

Christmas morning we got up and opened gifts. We can never put anything under the tree until after Buddy goes to bed on Christmas Eve.  I spent a good part of the morning keeping Buddy out of everything.

I took two pictures of the tree. One I cut the top off, the other was out of focus.

When we were decorating I asked Katy if she wanted me to put the advent calendar up. She assured me she’d keep up with it. Well …

Every few days she put up a few ornaments and then fizzled out.

Buddy didn’t get his own present this year but he didn’t complain about the peanut butter kong and that kept him out of our presents.

Baby Blues comic from this morning. Heath didn’t get any batteries …

… but he did get something for all the batteries he already has.

Katy was once voted by her camp sisters as “Most Likely to Rock a Bucket Hat” and Heath decided she needed a new one.

In a nod to 2020 she got some masks. She’d been wearing paper masks on her weekly hikes at school so I bought her these. Then found out she decided to wear the cloth ones after all. Well, if she needs paper ones, she has cute ones now.

When you give your mom a link for this book:

Don’t be surprised when you get these for Christmas.

They are very cute.

After lunch I took a nap, I don’t know what Heath and Katy did. We always do a cold dinner on Christmas so everything was pretty much made exept for some assembly. Katy made a Watergate salad. I made the rice salad, added too many raisins and had to take some out. Heath looked at the broccoli salad and said “where are the raisins?”. Too much in one dish, none in another. I added some. I thought it might be fun to try a cranberry mold so I found a recipe. I don’t actually have a mold so I used a serving bowl. Katy and I made it yesterday and put it in the fridge overnight to jell. It set up real well. When it came time to turn it out Katy had her camera running so if it was a flop it would be recorded for posterity.

It turned out just fine, thank you very much. However, it really wasn’t much to look at so we just put it back in the original bowl.

Maybe I’ll get a nice copper mold for next year. I think that’s an official sign of getting old.

So we eventually got dinner on the table. Katy set the table and forgot the forks and knives.

You might notice that the crackers match the dishes. I was out of crackers and I normally get them at Pier 1 Imports. Well, they went out of business last spring. I think the pandemic closures just sped up the inevitable. So I ordered some on Amazon. I read the descriptions very careful because the big thing now is “no pop” crackers. That’s a little like a no-pop fire crackers. What’s the point? When I told Heath and Katy that they both gave me incredulous looks. Well, the crackers came and lo and behold they were the no-pop kind. Thankfully the returns were free so I sent them back. I found these and they were way too munch money for crackers but they made noise. They were Spode brand (why they were expensive). Spode and Nikko china companies both have very similar Christmas patterns. Back when they were both available I decided I liked the Nikko better. Well, about 20 years later, Nikko was discontinued but the Spode is still available. So they make crackers to match their china.

All this food and Heath wondered if we had dessert. Well, Watergate salad might as well be dessert and we have lots of cookie and candy around.

And I have my annual Mammoth Crossword to solve.

2 thoughts on “A 2020 Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas! And a healthy, safe and Happy New Year. Steven is traveling 4 days in China. See his photos especially the terra-cotta warriors.

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