Last Christmas of the 20-teens

I guess in a week we’re back to the Roaring 20s.

Christmas Eve I took my usual stab at getting Katy and Buddy under the tree.

(And no, Buddy doesn’t have cataracts, it’s something called corneal dystrophy.)

We went to church and then home for tamales and rice for dinner. I asked Katy to set the table and pulled out some plates and napkins I had bought for Katy’s friends’ gift exchange last year. I couldn’t figure out why she had the plates pushed so far up.

Oh. The plate is the head and the napkin is the body. Too cute.

We were not up early this morning.

The biggest challenge was keeping Buddy out of everything. We eventually ended up putting his leash on him. He got a bone stuffed with something I’m sure is guaranteed to give him a stomach ache but he enjoyed it and  you’re supposed to eat junk food on Christmas. He also got a blanket. He’s never had his own special blanket so I got a kit for a no-sew fleece blanket from JoAnns. Those things are way harder than I thought they were and rotary cutters don’t work on fleece.

It’s in there somewhere.

You can just see Buddy’s tail sticking out. He’s working on his bone.

A few weeks ago Katy was at the mall with some friends and texted me a photo from the Disney Store of some cute notebooks that looked just like VHS tapes. I remembered that and went back to get her one. I couldn’t find them and had to ask. I told the young sales clerk that my teenage daughter and seen them and really liked them. She asked how Katy even knows about VHS tapes.

Exhibit A:


I told her my husband bought every Disney movie released on VHS in the ’80s and ’90s and we still have them because they work just fine. We have a dual VHS/DVD player and it would cost a fortune to replace them all.

Which is the notebook and which is the tape?

With Katy going off to college next year I figured I might as well start picking up a few things. We can’t buy much until she knows where she is going to school (hurry up and pick already!) and what type of dorm set up she’ll have. But no matter where she goes she’s going to need towels. I found a great set at Kohl’s and then someone local to embroider them.

I thought they came out looking great.

I also framed her patches and pins from Space Camp.

Terrible picture. I went to Hobby Lobby and found this DIY frame but really didn’t like the looks of it. So I went to the framing counter and picked out a frame and matte board and glass and got it all arranged. She put in the measurements and gave me the total. I decided the DIY frame didn’t look too bad after all. She did cut some matte board for me for a nice background. That was a real chore, that square frame isn’t actually square. Well, what can you expect for $14.99. So I brought it all home and used glue dots to stick down all the patches. Well, contents may settle during shipping. When she opened it one of the patches had come completely lose so I  had to open it and make some adjustments this afternoon. It should be good now.

Heath likes getting gifts and is impossible to shop for. He does need new slippers, though. I got him a boring pair he can wear outside if he needs to run outside for something. And then a cute pair for inside.

So that was our morning. A few years back I did a cold meal just for something different and so I wouldn’t have to spend all afternoon in the kitchen. We’ve done that every year since and it’s worked great. I just had to heat up the rolls. Store bought, I didn’t have the time, energy or inclination for homemade this year.

After dinner we always go out and look at lights. There’s one neighborhood a few miles down the road that goes all out and is pretty organized in what they do. Well, one street does driveway arches, another does mail box candy canes and another does arches over the street.

A little fuzzy. Heath wants to do this to our driveway but I’m always afraid I’ll find a way to back into it.

One house goes all out every year with a different theme. Two years ago it was The Walking Bread (gory gingerbread men, The Walking Dead is filmed in Atlanta), last year it was Flake News (snow people newscasters). This year it was dinosaurs.

Brontosaurus roasting on an open fire …

Raptors nipping at your nose. Yuletide carols being sung by a choir.

And folks dressed up like Neanderthals. They must spend all year on this.

And they always dress up the breaker box or whatever it is.

This dragon is up every year and Heath really likes it.

Lots of Star Wars, Minions and Peanuts, too

Lit-up storm troops (or maybe First Order troopers) look more like ghosts. I think that’s the Death Star between them.

You know it’s a warm Christmas when the inflatable snow man is melting.

There was a lot of traffic in this subdivision and so many people were going to slow to look at the lights that Google flagged it as slow traffic.

When we got back home I told Katy to get out the Llamas Unleashed game Santa brought. This is supposed to be a really popular game. I think Heath and I may be the wrong demographic for it. I also think you probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of it. Also, the goal is so easy (collect seven animals) that they decided to come up with a bunch of rules so you no one could win in a hurry.

The camera was focusing on Heath but the animals are cute. I hope Katy and her friends play it and have fun with it.

A few cookies and some egg nog and that was the end of Christmas!



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