A Tale of Two Baskets

Or “The Joke is on Mom”

Katy had been talking about how Easter was on April Fool’s Day this year so I thought she might be disappointed if we didn’t do something funny. So Saturday night I told her to get her Easter basket from the garage and put it on the table. I filled it with some random things and a dirty carrot from the neighbor’s garden. The eggs are full of dried beans (all I could find) and I wanted to glue them closed but all of our super glue is dried up.

So Sunday morning she eventually got up, came into the kitchen and started just calmly going through her basket. She said she didn’t realize it was a joke until she got to the note about how to find her real basket. I asked her if she really thought I put socks and cough drops in her Easter basket and she said yes.  I’m thinking she had some pretty low expectations.

So this note was in the basket.

She decided to skip the riddle and just started opening doors. We don’t have that many doors and only three were closed. It was hidden in the closet with all of our games and puzzles. In a normal family that would be the linen closet. She did say later she wondered why she couldn’t find her regular Easter basket.

While she was going through everything I told her she should open all of the eggs. I had her and Heath going thinking there might be something special or funny in one of the eggs. There wasn’t, just Robins Eggs and jelly beans. Heath said I should have put a car key in one of them. That would have been funny.

She really liked the Japanese Kit Kats and said they were too pretty to open. She was a little disappointed that they were just dark chocolate and not any of the fancy flavors (they come in about 300 flavors in Japan) but that was all Hong Kong Supermarket had.

Heath said he read that the average Easter basket has a month’s worth of sugar  in it but since Katy’s candy will last at least a month, it all works out.

Besides candy she got some games to take on the plane this week. She’s going to the Dominican Republic with her church youth group Tuesday.

Dressed and ready for church.

Since we’ve added a contemporary service that is the same time as the traditional/blended service we only had one service time this year.  Usually we go to the earlier service and it’s not so crowded. The sanctuary was packed and I’m sure the gym, where the contemporary service is held, was, too. And we sang Because He Lives, my favorite hymn.

I quit cooking on Easter years ago and we just go out for dinner like we do every other Sunday night. At international night at school last weekend the Iranian table had some yummy food from a nearby Persian restaurant so we decided to try that. We all ate eggplant that we actually liked and Katy tasted a roasted tomatoes. It didn’t change her opinion of tomatoes any.

I’m not much of a food photographer. We had lamb, chicken and beef kabobs, lots of veggies and two kinds of rice. We  had tasted their cherry rice at international night and really liked it and then had “wedding rice”, which was an orange flavor.

And as much food as that was I decided we should go for dessert and we sampled a Persian Pinwheel cake and saffron ice cream.




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