It’s all about the makan

And we went through all of our makan (Malay: food, eat).

Tonight was International Night at Katy’s high school. It’s late so I’ll just give the run down. We didn’t win anything. There were prizes for best food, most cultural and best decorated. I voted for Iran for best food, they had all kinds of good stuff. Ecuador swept them all but they didn’t want to give all three prizes to the same country so two other nearby countries got the prizes for most cultural and best decoration. That area was at the end when people were making their decisions and Ecuador probably just had a lot of friends. Nobody had a better looking table than we did and we got lots of compliments.

So here are a few photos from the evening.

Heath and Katy setting up. Ivy is behind the trifold, we drafted her to help.


Katy with the final product. She wore that jacket to school and Ivy said “It’s not Chinese New Year”. It’s reversible (gold on the other side) so Katy kept switching it just to freak people out.

They  have this thing outside and the wind was so bad. I brought some wall easels to tape on the back and Heath ended up taping the trifolds to the plastic frame. And my tablecloth is still covered in tape.

The food table. I needed a sign for the bananas, a lot of people thought they were decor. People who had never seen anything but what I call “the standard American banana” really thought they were neat. They were all labeled Apple Banana but I think some were baby bananas as they were smaller.


I made 84 curry puffs plus another 12 that were vegetarian and we needed them all.


Pandan cakes are very popular ever year


Last year I took one dragon fruit because we had it on hand and it was popular. So this year I did dragon fruit, rambutans and lychees, along with the apple bananas (I think some were another variety but mislabeled as they were different sizes). People were really interested in the fruit.


My chopsticks are always popular. The Asian kids like to show off (and usually brag right before dropping something) and there’s always at least one kid who has never used them before.
Katy serving food

We always surprise people since we don’t look like anyone who might be from Singapore but people are usually impressed. Heath spent a long time talking to a young man who will be studying at the National University of Singapore for a few weeks and had all kinds of questions on where to go and what to eat. He also had a conversation in Malay with another girl.


We got a chance to eat, too. This was my first plate, nearly all from Iran. Curry from Jamaica and green rice from I don’t know where, but it was good.


Katy and her plate

And a few photos from other tables. I didn’t get a chance to really look at much since I had to get back to our table and help out. China had brush painting that looked pretty popular.

Chinese brush painting and they had some other games.




Taiwan shared a table with China and they had bubble tea so I made a point to get some of that.


Belize had really good tamales, they were a little different from the Mexican variety.


The Indian Cultural Exchange club sponsors the evening. I didn’t get any of their food.
Iran. Terrible photo, fantastic food, sweet girls dishing up the food. We talked about the lack of a decent middle-eastern/Persian restaurant in the area.

Afterward is a talent show. I was really too tired to enjoy most of it. The evening is a benefit for an organization that I just can’t remember the name of but they serve immigrants who are victims of domestic violence and any type of abuse as they have very unique needs — cultural, language, legal (if you leave your husband you might lose your green card) so we learned a little about that.

There was lots of singing and dancing. The Chinese yo-yos were really good. I didn’t very good video but this should give you an idea.

It was an exhausting evening — and week preparing — but so much fun.

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