Merry Christmas

Well, we planned to go the Christmas Eve service at regular church time, 11 a.m., but no one was up so we went to the 5 p.m. service. Beforehand I took a stab at the annual attempt at getting a photo with Katy and Buddy. It went well this time, only four tries and we didn’t need to get any treats out.

After church it was back home for tamales for dinner. On Christmas Eve Katy always gets a new pair of pajamas and sometimes a book if I remember. Blind Date with a Book is a popular thing now. Some librarian started it to get people to try to read something different. Barnes and Noble had a Blind Date table so I decided to take a chance. I wasn’t real sure about buying a book when I didn’t know what I was getting but I thought it would be fun. Katy read the description and didn’t have any guesses as to what it might be.

Neither Katy nor I had ever heard of it but Heath had. When she finishes it, I’ll have to read it.

Sometime in the night Santa came.

Christmas morning we weren’t up real early. Katy’s never been one to wake up at the crack of dawn of Christmas and only got up this morning because Buddy was fussing. I was ignoring him. So we got up around 9. Santa must have overheard her talking about wanting to learn to make balloon animals. The stuffed snowman is because Santa has no self-control. Now we have to find a place for him. And Buddy thought it was his at first.

Speaking of Buddy. He got a present with two toys and some bully sticks. I don’t think he’s even noticed the toys but he spent all day chewing on the sticks.

The only thing Katy asked for was a mermaid blanket. It’ll come in handy later in the week when she’s on the couch recuperating from having her wisdom teeth out.

Heath got a Dr. Who Christmas book.

My mom was busy cross-stitching this year. She made me this cute pillow and gave Katy some more ornaments. An alumna of Camp Juliette Low, where Katy attended summer camp for several years, designed a cross-stitch pattern with the camp’s logo and my mom put that on an ornament for Katy.

My mom’s been going through all my Grandmother’s things trying to get them sorted and organized and some of the stuff packed away. She came across this ring and gave it to Katy. She and her sister had no idea where it came from but I recognized it right away. I’m surprised my aunt didn’t remember. When she was about 13 some boy gave her that ring. At some point I ended up with it and wore it for several years when I was young. I was just wondering about it the other day when I was going through my jewelry box. When you move as much as we did things just get lost plus I had a theft in college (a storage-unit issue) and lost a jewelry box then. So who really knew. No telling how it got back into my grandmother’s things. Katy will be the third generation to have it, I guess it’s an heirloom now. It has a really tiny diamond chip in it but I’m sure it came from Woolworth’s or something if a 13-year-old bought it.

Heath and Katy got matching t-shirts from my mom. I didn’t rate one for some reason.

And Katy got her own dishtowels.

I threw my back out trying to get Heath’s big present under the tree on Christmas Eve. I told him he could get it out when it was time to unwrap it. These are two of three Indonesian shadow puppets that his parents bought in Indonesia sometime in the ’70s or early ’80s. They’d just been stored away somewhere and I thought it would be nice to display them. With Heath working from home trying to keep anything a secret can be tricky. They were wrapped in this big piece of cardboard and I snuck it out of the house to go look at framing options at Hobby Lobby. I was originally going to frame them separately but they were all different sizes. So I brought them back home and smuggled them back into the bedroom while I thought about it. Then I sneaked them back out out to the car for another trip to Hobby Lobby after deciding to frame two of them together. The framing guy was a little nervous about this whole job, although he told me he had framed similar puppets once before.  We played around with it and found a nice layout and he took photos with his phone so he could remember how they were supposed to go. Well, they just put artwork in a plastic sleeve and pile them up until the frames come in, so we decided I’d keep the puppets at home until the frame came, about two weeks later. That meant I had to get them back into the house. And then out again when the frame came in. Then I had to pick it up when it was finished. A store employee used to a dolly to take it up front and I brought the car around. When I got home I closed Heath’s office door and told him he couldn’t come out and enlisted Katy’s help in getting it into my closet. Wrapping it was a whole other challenge and I ended up sore from that, too. This thing is heavy!

Now we get to go to Home Depot and get the hardware to hang it up. I’ll get a better picture when it’s out of the plastic wrap.

And I got two cookbooks with some recipes I’m looking forward to trying.

After we opened up all the presents and got the wrapping paper and boxes picked up I went and took a nap. I came out two hours later and Buddy was still working on a bully stick. Katy had learned to make a dog out of balloons.

We had dinner about six. I quit cooking for Christmas a few years back. I do an all-cold dinner, it’s easy to put together ahead of time and goes on the table quickly.

And for dessert it was cookies and some chocolates Heath gave me.

After dinner we went to look at lights in one subdivision that always goes all out.

I loved the Snoopy Sno-Machine (if you had a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine you’ll recognize it).

And the Christmas tree farm was great, too.

I was’t able to get a photo but one street had a big present with a tag that said “to the electric company” from the residents of the street. That street really had a lot of lights.

On the way home we saw this electric billboard that Heath really liked.

And that’s

The End …


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