Katy’s Sweet Sixteen

Since Katy ended up with an unexpected day off from school due to a few icy patches I decided to make her homemade waffles for breakfast.


“Scuse the bedhead

Also because she had an unexpected day off school I got her dentist appointment rescheduled for today and found out she has another tooth with weak enamel that needs a filling and it’s time to have her wisdom teeth out. But the day got better from there.

Sunday we took her out for her main present, an upgraded cellphone. She figured out what was going on when we got close to the T-Mobile store. Should’ve blindfolded her!

Katy with her new phone and Lequeshia, the sales rep.

Katy had a Christmas party with the youth at church last night and after we picked her up we went to Wal-Mart and she picked out a strawberry ice cream cake for tonight. Heath also picked out his cake for his birthday next Monday.

So tonight we had ice cream cake and presents.

She blew out all the candles at once.

When we were in Washington for vacation last summer we visited the Newseum and Katy saw a t-shirt in the gift shop she really liked but they only had one and it was an adult extra-large. She was really disappointed. So I set out to find a similar shirt. There were plenty to choose from but I decided she would like this one.

It was a bigly surprise

At Katy’s birthday party Saturday this happened when she opened the card from her friend Emma.

So Heath bought a card and wrote this inside it.

So there.

Katy decided to throw the tissue paper on the floor where the paper-addict dog got a hold of it. Now you see why we don’t put presents under the tree until after he goes to bed on Christmas Eve.

So, all in all it was a good day.

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