Birthday Blast from the Past

Katy celebrated her 16th birthday with an 80s themed party. Everyone was a little worried about the weather with our unprecedented early December snowfall. I knew it would be clear by the time the party started at 5.

Being an 80s party we wanted to have all 80s food and that included chicken nuggets. I wanted to get McNuggets, thinking that was the ultimate ’80s food. Katy said no, get Chick-fil-A it tastes better. So I ordered six 12-packs from our regular restaurant on the app and Heath went to pick them up. He called and said “they’re closed!”. So I checked the app and it said the other store close to us was closed but since the app was 0 for 1 already, I called. They were open, so I ordered them on the phone and went to pick them up. Then back to the house for more decorating and preparation.

I offered to take the Christmas sign off the door but Katy said no.

Buddy was a little worried about the balloons at first.

The entry way into the kitchen. Watch your head!
Gifts on the TV stand
Goody bags
80s games. I had Tetris, Frogger and Pac-Man plug and play games.

We were in a mad rush and when the first guest arrived about five minutes to 5, we put her to work. We got it all pulled together, though.

I made up an’80s trivia game and found out the girls know basically nothing about the ’80s. No one got the first question and Katy and Harshita got the most correct with five answers. And in putting this together I found out Michael Jackson didn’t invent the Moonwalk. He saw someone do it on Soul Train and contacted that show about it. And something similar was done as far back as 1932. So, a little Moonwalk history there. But back to the party.

One guest decided she didn’t know any of them and would just go for humor.

I pulled out the Cabbage Patch dolls and Heart-to-Heart bear I got back in the ’80s. Lily seemed to enjoy them.

I managed to get them organized for a group photo and then ushered into the kitchen for food.

You can almost see everyone.

An ’80s spread

After dinner the girls had a Tetris tournament. I think Katy beat everyone who played.

At that point we started losing girls as two had to leave early. I figured we’d better speed things up so it was on to cake and presents.

The cake was interesting. I wanted to do a poke cake where you poke holes in the cake and the icing fills in the holes. They were popular in the ‘8os but I’d never made one before. I bought a cake mix and then decided to use my homemade chocolate frosting recipe. I made the cake Friday and thought if everyone come, with Heath and I, this isn’t going to be enough cake. It was snowing heavily by then and I couldn’t just run out and get another mix so I found a recipe for a white cake and made that. The batter looked funny. It looked like cookie dough. I was standing there bewildered and looked around the kitchen and that’s when I saw the Pyrex with the 1 and a quarter cups of milk still in it. Amazing what a difference adding the milk made. You’d think I’d never baked a cake before, I almost never use mixes. So I baked both cakes but given the uncertainty of the weather I didn’t frost them. I figured if we had to postpone the party I could freeze the cakes. So Saturday I made the frosting. I poked holes in the second cake I made, which was the back-up cake, and poured in the frosting. It set up so quickly I wasn’t sure if I filled the holes or not. So the second batch of a frosting I made a little thinner at first to pour on the cake, then added the rest of the powdered sugar to frost the top. I kept thinking the frosting was a funny color at first. Turns out I left out the cocoa powder, it was brown from having the previous batch in the same pot (it’s a cooked frosting). I realized it and when I thickened it up put in the cocoa. So both cakes were frosted and ready to go.

The dessert table

She blew out all the candles at once.

Then it was time to cut the cake. That cake was so flaky I had a really hard time with it. The chocolate drizzling down didn’t really work. Since I forgot the cocoa at first it wasn’t much different in color from the cake. All things considered I should have just bought her a Pac-Man cake. But it tasted good. We didn’t need the second cake after all, we only ate half the first. Katy will take the second cake to the youth group party at church tonight. She’ll have to report back on how the icing worked out.

I told the girls to save some of their stuff, games or clothes or whatever, for their kids’ parties. I said my parents grew up in the 50s and we had ’50s parties and I grew up in the ’80s and y’all are having 80s parties so their kids will have 20-teens parties. They looked at me like I was crazy and decided they didn’t want to have to explain “dabbing” to their kids. There is a pattern here, though.

Then it was onto presents. I’m going to start asking Katy’s friends for gift suggestions. I never know what to get her and she loved everything.

Katy gave Taylor a Catmilton (play on the musical Hamilton) t-shirt for Taylor’s birthday, so Taylor bought Katy the Puglelton shirt.
A keychain with a K. I told her she can use it for the key of the car she’s not getting! The girls thought that was funny.

Jenna had left early and Katy wanted to record opening Jenna’s gift.

So all the gifts were a hit. She spent the American Express gift card on Amazon last night and is saving the Joann’s gift card to buy material for a sewing project she has planned for Christmas break.

One gift that everyone enjoyed right away was the Exploding Kittens game. So much for all the ’80s games I pulled out, it was back to the 2000-teens! They spent the rest of the evening trying not to blow up kitties.

I cobbled together some ’80s items for goody bags.The girls got them as they were leaving but Taylor and Katy opened theirs and they loved the fingerless gloves. The CD has some ’80s music. Pretty poor quality but mix tapes usually were.

I was putting them together on the coffee table and had to leave the room. When I came back Buddy had just snagged a package of Hubba Bubba. I had just enough of everything and would have been put it out if I had to replace anything, but it would have been funny to see the look on Buddy’s face if he’d eaten a package of Pop Rocks.

And speaking of Buddy, he wore out about halfway through the party.




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