Katy’s first parade

The Johns Creek Founders Parade was the morning and all through his introduction the mayor kept saying it was the city’s 11th parade. It’s the city’s 11th anniversary but only the 10th parade but technically not even that since at least one year it was rained out. However, that wasn’t as bad as the emcee (one our local news anchors who does it every year) saying that Girl Scout cookies would be delivered started Jan. 1. If the girls were taking orders now, all those girls in the parade would have been waving order forms!

We were particularly excited for this year’s parade as Katy was in it. She joined the twirling club at school this year — totally out of character for her — and is learning to twirl a baton. The Halloween parade they were supposed to be in was canceled so this was her first performance.

This little dog was waiting very patiently for the parade to start. He was really good through the parade but started to get a little bored at the end. He’s wearing a UGA sweater. He’s going to have his picture in our local weekly paper because the photographer — the editor of the paper and my former boss — really liked him and took a lot of photos of him.

When will the parade start?

The gentleman on the left is one of the associate pastors of our church and he had spotted heath.

Shriner trick car

All the parade participants meet at a park and are bused over to the starting point. The twirlers must have been somewhere near the Shriners while they were waiting at the park. Katy said most of the girls in the group had never been to any kind of parade before and were really intrigued with the Shriners vehicles.

The Shriners always have such colorful clowns
Scooby looks to be taking it all in.

And on the subject of kids who have never been to a parade. The family next to us included a little boy about five or six who had never been to a parade. He was a little uncertain about running out and getting the candy but he figured it out pretty quickly. We kept tossing candy in his bag. He caught several pieces in the air. I got hit on the head with a piece of candy I never saw coming. Ouch.

This is the one parade we go to where the Girl Scouts seriously outnumber the Boy Scouts. It’s good to see the girls get out there and get some visibility.

Cute Girl Scouts dressed as reindeer.
And some older girls, too.

These Boy Scouts were great with their float. They have a real fire going (there’s just a small flame at the bottom, we could see the smoke). Of course I think this is the warmest parade we’ve ever had.


There’s a Homeowners’ Association category and there’s only one HOA that enters every year so they always win. I don’t know why more HOAs don’t get involved. We don’t really have one to speak of but most of the subdivisions around here have very active HOAs. So this year Medlock Bridge subdivision did a series of floats depicting different cities around the country.

Hooray for Hollywood
The Big Apple

It’s hard to see but the back left corner has King Kong next to the Empire State Building.


The Johns Creek High School Gladiator band

Katy’s friend Emma is in the color guard and I tried to get her picture but wasn’t able. She saw us, though.

The twirlers brought up the rear. Katy said the band director doesn’t like the twirlers because they’re competition for color guard but I can’t imagine why. I don’t think twirling is any bigger competition than any other club or activity and color guard is far more involved and gets you a PE credit if you do it for three years.

And here’s our twirler.

Katy was trying her best to ignore her as we both had our cameras out.

And here’s a  video. Heath got to the whole band so the twirlers come in at about 50 seconds. Katy just started learning in September and I think most of the other girls are fairly new, too, other than the president who is teaching them. Heath filmed the band, too, so the twirlers come in at about 50 seconds.


Johns Creek has a sizeable Indian population. It’s enough that there’s a big Diwali celebration held at one of our parks every year. And we benefit from some great restaurants. These dancers are learning Bollywood-style dancing at a dance studio.

The music studio where Katy has been taking violin lessons for the last seven years had a small entry. They just went under new management two or three years ago and he’s making a lot of improvements. We’ll have to work on a bigger entry next year.

The Music Hutch Studio. That’s Amy, the owner’s wife, who had spotted us.

And on the subject of music the Feed and Seed band gets bigger every year.

The Disney princesses parked themselves in front of us for a couple of minutes.

This little girl was next to us and was really cute. Someone had big bags of pandas and teddy bears and was passing them out to the kids. I went up to one of the adults and said “I have a child in the parade and she would love a bear” so he gave me a teddy bear. The little boy next to us ended up with one of each as someone handed a brown bear to the aforementioned newspaper editor and he gave it to the little boy. Then the little boy got handed a panda as well.

I didn’t really see which parade entry they were attached to but the bears have WFG Foundation and WFG Charitable Trust embroidered on the bottom of the back paws. I looked it up and apparently it’s World Financial Group.

The parade began and ended with Corvettes. It was hard to get a good picture but there were eight Corvettes acting as the reindeer for Santa’s fire truck.

This reindeer hitched a ride.

I think my mom should get this inflatable for the red Miata she drives in the parades. It would work on a convertible.

Cocoa, anyone?
And Santa is in the house.


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