She’s a Last Year

We got Katy safely delivered to Camp Juliette Low for her last summer. Being a Last Year is a really big deal and while she hates it’s her last year, she has been excited for this milestone. At 16 and 17 the girls can be counselors-in-training and even though the rumor is that CIT is “the best years of your life” Katy decided to go back to Space Camp next year and the probably take some summer school classes. So many choices, so little summer.

Last week was really busy as Katy was volunteering at Girl Scout Day Camp from 8-3 and then Monday through Wednesday at VBS at church from 6-8 so packing for camp Friday afternoon and Saturday. I really thought we had everything but I did end up making a couple of trips to Target for a few things.

We finally got it all together.

We got up early this morning and I had Buddy at doggy day care as soon as they opened at 7 and we were on the road by 7:30. We were in the thick of Atlanta rush-hour traffic when I realized I left Katy’s care package at home. Whoops. When we got home I had to package it for mailing and go to to the post office. The self-serve computer assures me it will be there by Wednesday but I have my doubts as camp mail all goes through Chattanooga and is pretty slow. I’m hoping it get there by Friday so she’ll have it for the weekend.

It’s about a two-hour drive to the camp, which is up on Lookout Mountain not far from Chattanooga and the Alabama border. They’re close enough to Alabama that the cell phones pick up the Alabama cell towers (when you can get service) and the phone clocks read Central Time so the camp runs on Central Time and calls it Camp Time. We stopped at the big Quik Trip in Adairsville and let Katy drive from there to Menlo, just under an hour on the highway and a short bit through a mountain. She prefers her highways to be straight, flat and have no other cars but she did very well.

We arrived all in one piece.

Katy found out last year that one of the second-year CITs went to Johns Creek High School and they were both in Tri-M this year. Emma Grace graduated in May and is a full-fledged counselor this year and is a unit counselor in Katy’s unit. She was pretty excited about that.

Here is Emma Grace in front leading us to Glen. That was one unit Katy wasn’t entirely sure where it was. I don’t see how the girls find their way around at all, all those trails and trees look the same to me.

The camp staff hauls the trunks to the tents, except for one unit that is close to a parking lot. We took her bedding to the tent and helped her make up her bed. They are four-girl tents and just one other girl was there. She just had a sleeping bag so it took her about 30 seconds to make up her bed. Katy prefers sheets and blankets for that length of time.

This was just after I did something and nearly pushed Katy through the tent flap behind her and the tent is a few feet about the ground.

The girls at this camp typically go for the same session year after year (and some girls go to the same sessions their mothers went to) so they make pretty tight friendships. She got to be good friends with two other girls the last couple of years so this year they requested each other for tent mates. Katy and Jolene are in the same tent but they didn’t realize that Annie is a year younger so she’ll be in the unit below this year. All the “last years” (15-year-olds) are assigned to Glen and then as many 14-yeare-olds as they can fit in and the rest go into Sherwood. Katy was hoping to be in Glen last year but they had a whole slew of last years so she spent a third year in Sherwood. Each unit has its own color and the girls like to have shirts in the unit color for various things but you don’t know what unit you are going to be in until you get there so we were all prepared with plaid shirts for Glen. Sherwood’s color is red and for some reason Katy has a lot of red shirts anyway, so she was OK there.

So we dropped her off and headed back home. What am I going to do with my 12 days? Catch up on laundry and scrapbooks and muck out Katy’s room, the playroom and my desk.

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