Orchestra end of year

Katy’s school orchestra had their end-of-year banquet last night. It started pouring rain about the time we left. The banquet was in the school cafeteria and when we got there Heath dropped Katy and me off at the door. We could see through the doors that the cafeteria was full and a slide show was going. We panicked thinking we had the time wrong and were late. We were, but not by much. We thought it started at 7 and we got there at 6:40. Turns out it started at 6:30 but dinner didn’t start until seven and there were a few people who came in after us. So we were OK..

The great thing about being in a multi-cultural area is the dinner menu was Italian and Korean, heavy on the Korean. There were about 20 pans of Korean and other Asian foods and four pans of Italian pasta and some salads. Someone told us that last year they had equal amounts of each and the pasta was barely touched while the Korean offerings disappeared. So this year they ordered to reflect that. I have no idea what they did in years past.


Katy’s favorite rice cakes at the end of the Korean table. She was excited to see them.


My plate. Yummy.

And dessert was an ice-cream sundae bar. They always do that as the kids like and it’s easy.

Following dinner was a very nice, if long, program. They recognized all of the adults on the board and all the kids for various things they accomplished during the year. Katy earned a letter (now we have to get her a jacket), a lyre pin and a medal. The students can earn merit points during the year and 15 points your first year earns you a letter and in subsequent years a pin. If you have 41 or more points you earn a lyre pin. Katy had points for private lessons, working the concession stands, service, making the second round of all-state auditions and a few other things. I like that kids can get letters for things besides sports. My high school started letter jackets my junior or senior year and they were only for sports. I always thought that was all they were for but all of my knowledge of American high schools came from Archie comics and Happy Days so what did I know.

When all of the serious awards were completed they gave out “paper plate awards”. Every student got a paper plate award for something based on their personality, habits, a funny happening during the year or the like. Katy got the Chatty Kathy Award for being “a nice person and very talkative”. One boy earned the Captain Obvious Award as about two weeks ago he finally realized that Mr. Kim, the conductor, quotes Aristotle all the time. I wouldn’t know an Aristotle quote. And another boy got one for Most Likely to Be in a Hair Commercial and he did have great hair.  Katy’s friend Steven and another boy switched from violin to viola this  year so their awards were Traitor One and Traitor Two. Steven was laughing when he went up to get his paper plate. It was a lot of fun and the kids all enjoyed it.

Katy with her letter and paper plate award.

At the very end they had a slide show of all the seniors. It was interesting seeing what colleges everyone is headed to — UGA and Georgia Tech, but Duke and Harvard were also represented. Then each senior had a chance to say something about their years in orchestra. It was a great evening and a great year. Katy is looking forward to orchestra next year.


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