On the march again

Before we even got to the Women’s March in Washington, when we were still part of the mob trying to get out of the Metro station, Katy had already decided she wanted to do another march. Being interested in science, she was thrilled to find there was going to be a science march. This time we decided to stay and do the local march. Another trip to DC really wasn’t feasible and it’s nice to support the hometown effort. Plus we had much better weather!

We didn’t do signs for the Women’s March as I wasn’t really sure how to go about that or what to put on them. This time around we wanted signs. Katy designed her own poster with input from a Tumblr friend. I helped with the coloring to speed things up and when a scientist makes a poster all of the strokes have to go in the same direction. She only had to fix a few of my mistakes.



The artist who draws Magic School Bus designed a sign featuring Ms. Frizzle (“The Frizz) that could be downloaded and printed for personal use. I started with that.


Then I decided I wanted something not so generic, I guess. I made a poster about ALS with a photo of my friend Steve, who has ALS, and his wife.


I liked it much better.

I covered the backs of my and Katy’s signs with dumb science jokes. They were a hit. Lots of people wanted to read them and thought they were funny.


I am so disappointed. About three-fourths of the way into the march my backpack got uncomfortable and I switched it to the other shoulder. A few minutes later Heath said “where’s your sign?” I had it under my arm when I messing with the backpack and apparently dropped it. By the time we realized it I couldn’t go back and look. I wanted to give it to Steve. Oh, well. I kept looking around to see if anyone picked it up and had it or if it was in a trash can or something but no luck.

Another advantage to doing the local march was Katy could take a friend. We took two of her friends, Emma and Lily. Emma didn’t have time to make a sign so she carried The Frizz and got quite a few comments on it.

It was almost all for nothing. We got to Lily’s house to pick her up, she came out with her sign and that was when I realized we left our signs at the house. So it was back to the house to get them. Then off to MARTA.

That was a real trip. We didn’t know they were having a maintenance weekend and two of the trains we were on just went a short distance before being taken out of service so we ended up taking four trains instead of two.

We parked at the North Springs station, closest to our house, got on the elevator in the parking deck and were followed on by some friends, Allen and Brenda Lundy. We had no idea they’d be there. Allen went to SAS but was a few years ahead of Heath and lots of years ahead of me. But he and Heath had gotten to be friends at the various reunions over the years. So that was kind of fun.

I didn’t realize the sun was right behind us. This is Brenda, Heath, Allen and me.

There were lots of people headed to the march on the train, although not nearly as many people as the Women’s March.

Katy has some poor lady cornered.

All of the girls are into wizards and thought this guy was cool. His sign around his neck says “Trump’s Science Advisor”.

Here are a couple of cute signs from the train.


This lady’s son has ALS so we had an interesting talk after I showed her my sign.

We finally made it to the park. There are all kinds of things going on downtown so the march ended up being at Candler Park, which is smack in the middle of a residential area.

This is what Katy called “the march to the march”

And here are Lily, Emma and Katy read to march. Lily went to the Atlanta Women’s March with her family but this was Emma’s first march.

There was an hour of speakers before the march started. We missed about the first 10 minutes but heard the rest. Emma was excited to hear the paleontologist/geologist speak.

Some of the crowd listening to the speakers.

A Clemson student with a cute shirt.


The we slowly funneled our way out of the park and onto the street. While we were waiting we ran into a lady with a ball python named Angel. All three girls were excited to pet Angel.

Heath got this picture. We’re at the end of the line and you can see the beginning of the line out on the street.


It was kind of weird marching through a residential area where you were pretty much preaching to the choir, rather than downtown where there are more people not part of the march and past the government buildings. But it was still a lot of fun.

Here’s just a few shots from the march.

This is cool. You can’t really tell in the picture but it’s a plastic form a woman.

A couple of interesting characters.

I liked this sign

Heath liked this hat

There was a really cool band playing at some point along the route.

The tuba has LED lights. It was really neat.

Here’s a little video of them:

This was Katy’s favorite sign

This lady cross-stitched her sign.

I saw three brain hats. After all the work I put into Katy’s, we went off and forgot it.

Lots of mooing going on at this point.

Junior tree-huggers.

Start them out young. I love that she brought her bunny.

Heath is taller so he gets better crowd shots. I mostly poked people in the eye with the corner of my sign.

Heath, Katy, Lily and Emma plugging away.


Dr. Brown got a lot of attention

After the march we finished back up at Candler Park for another round of speakers. A lot of people had already left so there was plenty of space and the girls got up close to the stage.

Well, Emma is listening, anyway!

This speaker is Casey Bethel, who was Georgia’s Teacher of the Year. He teaches AP biology and physics at a high school and is also an adjunct professor at two universities. I remember him saying only 17% of high school students have both the ability to do the science and math required for a career in science and the interest in a career in science. Whatever all else he said, he was good.

There was another speaker who was an environmental lawyer. I’ve been telling Katy she should get her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and then go to law school and study environmental law then she can do it all. So far, she hasn’t thought much of that suggestion.

So it was a great day. Really nice weather, a peaceful march, good speakers and lots of fun.


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