Another MMM generation

Last spring I went to a rising ninth-grade parent meeting and we got a sheet with all the high school clubs on it. I noticed there wasn’t a chapter of Tri-M — the music honor society formerly known as Modern Music Masters. This fall I suggested to Katy that she ask the music department about starting a chapter. Just about the time I was ready to take matters into my own hands I went to curriculum night and saw a poster for anyone interested in starting a Tri-M chapter. I told Katy she needed go and I emailed the department head. She said a couple of students had approached her about starting a chapter. I was in Tri-M at my high school, although only for a short time as I didn’t qualify until my last semester when the membership requirements changed. But I knew it was something she would enjoy.

So Katy has been going and tonight they had the induction for the very first chapter members. They had a nice introduction with trombone, vocal and violin solos and an explanation of what each of the three M’s stand for. The each new member came on stage, received a certificate, shook hands with his or her vice president (they have one each for band, choir and orchestra) and were “knighted” by the faculty sponsor with her baton. The officers were already on stage and didn’t go through the induction so maybe they did something earlier, Katy wasn’t quite sure.

I’m really excited that she’s getting to do this. It’s a little more work. The international organization just requires that students have a B average in music classes and a C average in everything else. For this chapter it’s been decided members have to do hours in music service, attending performances and chapter activities. Katy still has one more hour of service to go before the end of the year.

I picked up my camera, put in the case and then forgot to put the whole thing in my purse so these are phone photos. Hopefully they’re OK.

Katy being “knighted”
Elizabeth, Katy and Catherine


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