Remembering those who served

The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is at Newtown Park not far from us. It was set up Wednesday and is leaving Sunday. Since Katy and I are leaving tomorrow for spring break I wanted to get over and see it so we went after dinner. The city also recently opened the Veterans’ Memorial, which is a beautiful little area in the park. We’d never seen that, either, so we did both. Well, mainly because the signs for the wall pointed in the wrong direction and we ended up over there. Not much to say, just lots of photos.

This is the city’s memorial.

Women in Service and I found out there is a former WASP (Woman Aircorps Service Pilots) living nearby. I also found out from a volunteer giving a tour who knows her that when WWII was over she asked an airline about a job and they offered her a job as a stewardess. She wanted to be a pilot and had a few words to say to them.


There were several benches in honor of specific individuals and veterans in general.

Then we walked across the park to the Vietnam memorial. There was a truck with items and copies of letters and messages that had been left at the wall in Washington, D.C. The National Archives collects everything left at the wall and catalogs it all, including exactly what spot the items were left in.


There were several veterans on hand to answer questions and we talked with this gentleman for quite awhile. He was in the Vietnam War starting in 1964 and was assigned to a destroyer that had been in service in WWII (I forget which one) and served with some WWII vets. He mentioned going to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Texas. Heath said “in Fredericksburg!” and remembered that my grandmother’s husband, who is a WWII vet, has spoken at the museum in the past.


Display truck. I didn’t really get a good shot of the motorcycle in the foreground but it’s important, stay tuned!


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