Happy 15th, Katy

Today is Katy’s 15th birthday. She and Heath went to church this morning (I still haven’t been feeling well and last night’s mystery party about did me in) and I got this picture of her and Buddy before she left. Yes, that’s last year’s Christmas dress. I also gave her the 15-bead add-a-bead necklace I got for my 15th birthday. Those necklaces were really popular in the states, I don’t remember them being a thing in Singapore.

Buddy's rolling around but at least he's in the picture for a change.
Buddy’s rolling around but at least he’s in the picture for a change.

After lunch Katy opened her presents. We gave her a book and some clothes and her Auntie Lee sent some infinity scarves and a game and there was a check from Grandma. With Katy’s birthday so close to Christmas she usually just gets one big gift and this year she’ll have to wait until Sept. 30th to get it (that’s why the clothes and book, so she’ll have something for now). We are buying two-day tickets for her and a friend to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta with a night in a hotel (the reservation is already made!). It’s a four-day convention and she went for one day this year and realized you really do need at least two. Now all of her friends are going to spent the next 10 months buttering her up! She’s real excited, though.

"I'm going to the con!"
“I’m going to the con!”

And here’s a video of Katy’s usual under-stated excitement.

To celebrate Katy wanted to go see Moana at Studio Movie Grill. Actually, she wanted to see Star Wars ut it doesn’t start until next weekend. She invited her friend Emma.

Emma had wrapped Katy’s present in tissue paper and drew this on the front. I thought it was pretty good.

Both girls are big Harry Potter fans


Katy and Emma checking out the menu.
Katy and Emma checking out the menu.

After the movie we took Emma home and her next-door neighbor has a huge Christmas display and you can tune into a radio station and the lights flash to the music so we watched it for awhile.


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