Growing up

Katy went to homecoming tonight, her first high school dance. She had planned to go with a group of girls and then I encouraged her to ask her friend Steven. These are freshman boys, you have to light a fire under them. Steven hadn’t planned on going but was quick to say yes when Katy asked. They’ve been friends since kindergarten and I figured they’ll be good practice for each other.

I took Katy to a salon to have her hair done and it came out looking really nice. We got a few pictures in the neighbor’s yard.

Looking beautiful
Looking beautiful
From the back
From the back

We went to pick up Steven and had to figure out how to tie his tie and he couldn’t bend down to put his socks on so his sister did that for him.

Emily putting Steven's socks on him!
Emily putting Steven’s socks on him!

And we had to fold and staple the elastic on Katy’s wrist corsage as it was slipping off! But we finally got everyone put together.

Katy and Steven
Katy and Steven

They’ve sure come a long way. This is a photo of them at Steven’s sixth birthday party, I think.

Great friends
Great friends

They met a group of what turned out to be sixth other girls and another boy for dinner at Hurricane Grill for dinner. They were seriously over-dressed but it’s near the school and was in the budget.

After dinner I picked up Steven, Katy and Aynya to get them to the school. We did see a group walking (there are several restaurants in that same shopping center and kids at all of them, I’m sure) but we decided to drive our bunch.  Katy had planned to pay for Steven’s dinner but said the waitress automatically did separate checks for everyone. In the car Katy and Steven realized they had done the same thing. They ordered the same dinner, for $13.96, and paid with the debit cards, running them through as credit. They realized they both wrote $5 in for the tip and left a $5 cash tip on the table. They both tipped $10 on a $14 check! Well, as Steven said, amateur mistakes.

So they’re off at the dance now and hopefully having fun.

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