A camping we will go

We took Katy back to Camp Juliette Low for her third summer and her second two-week session. All I have to say is, with this heat I’m glad I’m not the one spending 12 days in a tent! Although we are supposed to get some rain so maybe it’ll cool off a bit.

CJL divides the campers into four units, roughly by age. Each unit has a color — Romany is blue, Oakledge is green, Sherwood is red, Highland Glen is plaid or brown  (no one really likes brown so they added plaid) — and you’re supposed to wear your color for All-Camp Days and maybe another time as well. The catch is, you don’t know what unit you’re in until you get there. Glen is generally for 14 and 15 year olds so Katy took a chance that’s where she would be. I chased all over looking for plaid shirts, finally found some in the boys section at Wal-Mart and bought two. Last night I had second thoughts and thought maybe she should pack a red shirt just in case. Well, she outgrew the stack of red shirts she had. We get to the trunk drop-off and were told she’s in Sherwood. Again. For the third summer. The maroon shirt she was wearing will have to pass for red and she’ll have to remember to wear it for both All-Camp Days. And Glen does some other neat things, too, being the oldest, so she was a little disappointed about that.

We got there real early this year, usually Katy is the last to get to her tent and this year she was the first, with another girl about five minutes behind her. We checked in, signed a form, got her early bird t-shirt, visited the trading post to drop off mail — her uniform t-shirt from last year still fits so we were good there — and the infirmary for a lice check (thankfully passed) and to drop off her meds. Last night at 8 p.m. I remembered that this year they are asking for all pills to be in blister packs. Thank goodness her antihistamine is over-the-counter so I ran to Kroger for a two-week supply in the proper packaging. I mentioned that to the camp nurse and she didn’t sound terribly concerned about it. I’m sure other people forgot or missed the memo.

Then we dropped her off at her tent and made up her bed. I just pulled out the bag with the bedding from last year and could see three white things in it. I thought it was two sheets and a mattress protector. Turns out it was two fitted sheets and a flat sheet. You’re supposed to have a mattress protector. Oops! I just put both fitted sheets on the mattress. The other girl didn’t have a protector, either. I don’t know if they check or not but if they do and the girl never win Pixie (tent inspection) because of it, I’ll know it wasn’t just us!

After we got her organized in her tent Katy ran off to talk to people. She went to this same session last year and the girls usually go to the same session every year so she should know someone. I have no idea what classes she signed up for since she hadn’t filled out the sheet by the time we left. She decided against horseback riding. The girls have three classes and then riding is extra and they pull you out of a class each day to ride. Last year she missed something important in Project Adventure because of that and since she doesn’t have enough experience to trail ride, she decided just to skip the horses entirely this year.

The obligatory lice check!
The obligatory lice check!
Cute flag at the trading post. Katy says it's been there for years, I don't remember.
Cute flag at the trading post. Katy says it’s been there for years, I don’t remember.
Katy in her tent. Last year I noticed in the photos several of the girls had camp chairs and then I ran across this brand of small chairs when a CJL alumni mentioned them.
Katy in her tent. Last year I noticed in the photos several of the girls had camp chairs and then I ran across this brand of small chairs when a CJL alumni mentioned them.
Katy and one of her tent mates Zoe. The other two hadn't arrived yet.
Katy and one of her tent mates Zoe. The other two hadn’t arrived yet.

CJL was established (from donated land) and named for Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. It’s no longer a Girl Scout camp, having split from the organization and becoming independent back in the 1930s, but her spirit is still there. There are banners all over with quotes from Daisy (no one ever called her Juliette) and I got photos of the few we passed this morning.







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