Off to regionals!

reading bowl
Happy and excited reading lions. Last year I looked around at the other teams and said “next year we need t-shirts”. They were the only ones without them. It turns out the school has a budget for the reading bowl team so we were able to get them paid for. That’s always nice.

It was a big day at the school-district reading bowl today. The Autrey Mill Reading Lions came in second place and are headed to regionals next Saturday. There are three levels, elementary, middle and high school. Last year the elementary competition was held at a different location but this year they had them all together. I don’t know how many elementary and high school teams there were but there were 13 middle schools.

Each team plays six rounds so you don’t play against every team. Questions are worth 10 points each and each round is 10 questions and it just goes by total numbers of points. Questions come from 20 books on the Helen Ruffin Reading List and they can ask about any picky little detail. Every round there’s one question that neither team can seem to get.

Our kids did really well the first four rounds. Then the fifth round they lost to Taylor Road Middle School 60-30 (10 points per question) and that team was ruthless.  There were eight kids on the team (you’re allowed 10) but only five at a time can compete so the kids had drawn up a schedule of who would compete which round based on a few different factors. They came up with it themselves. So during round 5, Carson, the one boy on our team, was sitting on the floor and trying not to die because he knew most of the answers that round. The few books the questions came from that round just happened to be the few he knew really well. But you don’t know what’s going to come up.

Then the next round they also lost but just by 10 points I think. We ended up with 260 points out of 600. So we headed off to the auditorium for the awards and while we were waiting a member of the Johns Creek High School (where we feed into) team came over and introduced herself and asked if there were any eighth graders. She invited them to check out the team next year and to be sure to find them at the club fair. So that was really nice of her.

Last year they announced all of the rankings, starting with the last place and working up to first. This year they only announced first and second place. So they called the two winning schools for elementary school. Then for middle school the announcer said “second place, Autrey Mill” and we all jumped up with lots of screams and squeals. This year they let the whole team go up and get the trophy so all the kids trooped up to the front. First place went to Taylor Road, which wasn’t at all surprising. I found out from one of their team members (the one who answered nearly every question when we played them) that they had 480 points. They were miles ahead of us.

Next was high school and I don’t remember who won second place but first place went to Johns Creek High School so we all jumped up and screamed and squealed and clapped again. They were the only team to have another team cheering for them like that. Everyone clapped for every team but we really got behind them.

After more pictures we headed off to Subway (now a tradition, as we did it last year) and overwhelmed the lone employee with our group of 17 people!

The kids toasting themselves at Subway.

The regional competition is next Saturday at Clayton State University south of Atlanta. We have one glitch, our team captain has a soccer tournament. Her mom said she didn’t know there was anything after this (there’s regional, divisional and state). I said I did but I didn’t pay any attention to details because I didn’t figure it would affect us! There were eight kids on the team but you’ll notice there are nine in the photo. We had a mascot who couldn’t be on the team for reasons I’ve never figured out, but she wanted to come cheer everyone on and there was an extra t-shirt when someone dropped out at the last minute (Thursday, I believe). They may get her on the team if they come up short.

So the kids are full of plans for meeting everyday during their flex period for more practice. Next weekend is a four-day weekend for all of our school district and a five-day weekend for our particular school (our teachers got a few extra work days) so it might be interesting to see what the turn-out is. A lot of families take that long weekend to go skiing or otherwise are out of town.




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