We have a two-trophy winner!

Katy with her car and trophies.

OK, so one trophy was kind of a gimme. Today was the Dream Catcher’s Service Unit pinewood derby and Katy’s troop was not sponsoring it this year so we just had to be there for her race. There were only three older girls (Cadettes and Seniors) and then three siblings for the open race. So rather than doing two races of just three cars each, they combined them into one group, which was just as well since one of the open racers didn’t shop up.

There are six trophies awarded in each group: first, second and third places for the races and three design awards. In this combined group, only the three Girl Scouts qualified for the design awards, so three trophies — three entries. The design awards are Most Girl Scout-like, Most Original and Judge’s Award.

Katy won the Judge’s Award. She decided to go with last year’s philosophy — speed over appearance — and had weights stuck all over her car but the stick-on skin she bought  at Hobby Lobby was pretty neat looking.

Close-up of Katy’s car, weights and all!

None of the three cars had any kind of a Girl Scout theme. Abby’s car was in the shape of an old-fashioned bathtub so the judges decided that a Girl Scout is clean and neat and awarded her the Most Girl Scout-like.

And then there were the races.

Are you ready to race?
The girls lined up at the finish line.


They run the cars three at a time and Katy’s car came in first nearly every race it was in so I was feeling pretty confident. Then the races were over and they announced the winners and I was really surprised when they called her name for second place. She came in second by .003 seconds! The girl who came in first’s car I don’t think came in first as often as Katy’s did, but it when it did, it was faster. Kat’s car also weighed in at 4.9 ounces, one more tenth-ounce weight on it might have made the difference.

So it was a close race but Katy was thrilled to come home with two trophies!

All of the winners.


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