A muggy Christmas

We woke up to a thunderstorm on Christmas Eve and things didn’t improve much, weather-wise, from there.

Katy spent the afternoon decorating cookies. We aren’t in the running for best-decorated cookies but it was fun.



We went to the Christmas Eve service at church at 3 p.m. and it was really nice. Then for dinner we had our traditional tamales and a neighbor brought us some homemade pasteles, which are sort of a Puerto Rican tamale but made with plantains rather than corn masa. They are very good. Our tamales were good, too, considering I bought frozen tamales from Wal-Mart. My friend who I usually buy from decided not to make them this year. Her husband decided a few days before Christmas, with company coming for the week, was a good time to paint the living room, so they had quite a bit going on without throwing any tamale-making!

Sometime during the night, Santa came!

Someone must have been good this year.

I don’t know what they put on dog toys for dogs to know the toys are for them but Buddy went under the tree and went straight for the bag with his present in it.

I know my present is in here somewhere

And he knows how to open a present, too. He’s a paper addict and he did eventually go for the tissue paper but not until he played with his toy for awhile.

It’s a slipper that says “Naughty is the new nice”

And back to the presents for the people …

Katy really wanted this Enderman hoodie. The hood is supposed to go down over your eyes (the silver things are eyes) but Katy inherited the Harvey big head so it didn’t quite work.
Modeling two of the three infinity scarves she got.

On Wednesday I made a last minute run to Target (I figured it wouldn’t be nearly as insane as Wal-Mart) and happened to walk through books and made an impulse purchase for Katy. I think it’s been her favorite thing.

Percy Jackson’s book of Greek Heroes

And she’s ready for winter at Hogwarts. We’ll see if she gets a chance to use them here in Georgia.

Hufflepuffs rule!


Heath got a flying squirrel to add to his collection of outdoor squirrel art.


And something else to do battle with the squirrels. He can shoot at them nine times before having to reload. Hopefully he won’t lose many disks in the ivy.

It’s getting serious

I was just sure it was going to pour down rain all day long. It was pretty clear, though, so Katy got to go out and try out her new skates. We had our subdivision paved in the fall and the streets are nice and smooth for skating now.

Go Katy, go!

My favorite gift was an SAS mug. I really wanted one the last time Heath went to Singapore but it was interim semester week at school so the high school wasn’t in session and the booster booth was closed. Then the booster club got an export license and is now able to sell things and ship them internationally. Unfortunately, the cheapest shipping is around $50 or $60. So when I opened this I said “how did you get this?”. He said “the usual way”. So I have one expensive mug now, but I’m really happy.


After lunch I took a nap and found out later Heath got talked into a game of Beanboozled. If you don’t know, this is a jelly bean game based on the concept of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavour jelly beans in Harry Potter.. You spin the wheel and it tells you what color jelly bean to eat. Then you hope you get, say, coconut and not baby wipes. Heath said he got a dog food flavored jelly bean and it tasted exactly like dog food. He said it gave him a good excuse to eat a mint chocolate penguin from the Girl Scout chocolates. I want to know who tastes these flavors to make sure they’re right.

Play at your own risk!

I took Buddy for a walk, got caught in the rain and came home pretty wet.
Dinner was what has become our traditional cold dinner. It’s saved me twice, too. Last year I was too sick to cook and this year it was too hot!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter company should pay me for the product placement in all my holiday meals.

I pulled my cracker first and the toy flew out and landed on Heath’s plate. We had fun sharing the jokes, trying on the crowns and figuring out the toys. I got a metal “take it a part if you can” thingy, Heath got a little notebook and Katy got a puzzle.

So that was our Christmas. And this is my project for the week. The answers will be in next Friday’s paper.



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