Bison burger birthday

Today is Heath’s birthday and he decided he wanted to go to Ted’s Montana Grill for a bison burger. Katy and I had regular beef burgers. It was all good. Then it was home for cake and presents.

I got this football cake at Kroger just because I thought Heath would get a kick out of it. The football guys kept falling over!

Heath noted the players are taller than the goal post.
Make a wish

I managed to find a few things Heath didn’t already own for presents.

He has the t-shirt with the squirrel saying the birdfeeders are empty then  I found this one. At least this guy has a legitimate complaint!


And I couldn’t resist the squirrel-head feeder.

Maybe now they’ll leave the bird feeders alone!

I got some very helpful hints from the reviews on Amazon. One reviewer said to be sure to use wire to hang it up. He said he had a squirrel eat all the food, chew up the shelf the food goes on, chew off both ears, bite through the string and the drag the head halfway across the yard. We’ll see if it lasts more than one squirrel!

Katy liked the head, too.


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