Pizza, (more) cake, Star Wars

Well, Katy planned to have Star Wars and a sleepover for her birthday last night but two of the three girls she planned to invite had a chorus concert that was running on the late side. So tonight we’re doing Star Wars and no sleepover.

The girls ate pizza, a strawberry yogurt mousse cake from Sweet Hut and pretty much polished off the rest of the ice cream cake from last night.

fancy cake box
I wanted a picture of the fancy cake box. Katy was pretty impressed.
And the fancy cake inside it.
Lily, Emma, Nikki and Katy
A cup full of Star Bursts for Star Wars!
There’s something special about this hat but I’m sure I don’t know what it is. I’m also sure I’ll never get if off of Katy.

And now they’re lounging around watching Star Wars, which is now called A New Hope, since it’s now the middle of the series and not the start.

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