A pretty day for a parade

Usually we freeze at the Johns Creek Founders’ Day Parade. I believe it was last year they canceled it entirely. Our city is only nine years old and the mayor, who was also on the committee to make us a city, said they weren’t thinking about a parade when they signed the incorporation papers in December. But while today was chilly, it wasn’t too bad at all. One advantage to a cold-weather parade is they throw a lot of chocolate. The candy canes hit the street and shatter.

A Girl Scout troop was the first real entry in the parade and they were also a prize winner. I noticed this year there seemed to be more Girl Scouts than Boy Scouts.

About three or four entries into the parade I realized there must have been a theme. Something about good character.

Girl Scouts have good character.
I loved the dog in the Girl Scout vest. You can’t see it, but it does have a few patches and badges on it.
Medlock Bridge Homeowner’s Association had two trailers and won the HOA award.

As they drove by they lost one of their buildings.

Wait, you forgot something!
Frosty and The Grinch made an appearance.
Katy managed to catch a football!
This guy jumped on the trampoline the entire route. At least he stayed warm!
We’ve been lucky to get the Wienermobile for several parades. No free weenies, though.
The most thankless job in the whole parade.
In keeping with the Good Character theme, this entry was “The Kitty Litter — Catwomen in Training”.
And, finally, the big guy himself.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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