Fun with technology

Barnes and Noble had a Mini Makers Faire today with all types of technical stuff. We watched a 3D printer make a charm and Katy talked to someone who builds robots from scratch. And in a nod to art, they had two men doing Chinese calligraphy and Katy practiced make a few words. One gentleman was very impressed that I recognized a couple of numbers and knew that if you put the characters for moon and sun together you get the word bright. I told him I remembered that much from my fifth grade Mandarin class.

Katy doing calligraphy.
Katy doing calligraphy.

The real highlight, though, was this guy. (The robot, not the B&N employee, although he was entertaining, too.) And, yes, the robots right hand is on backward. The guy said after he spent six hours putting it together he didn’t want to redo any of it!

Meccanoid Personal Robot
Meccanoid Personal Robot
Katy thought the robot doing ballet was hilarious
Katy thought the robot doing ballet was hilarious

It comes programmed with a few different moves and then it’s very easy to program just about anything else. I suggested we teach him the YMCA. He also has blue tooth and you can control him from a phone or tablet. I got these videos.

Katy taking the robot for a walk.

The robot showing off his ballet moves.

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