Heading out

Saturday we woke up pretty early and got moving. We only had to make it as far as Savannah (four hours) and I had one more thing on my list. We had been at the south end of Canaveral National Seashore on Thursday but the visitors’ center and things to do are on the north end, 45 miles away. That’s close to New Smyrna, which is a huge tourist area. The street down to the beach was lined with one highrise condo building after another. I’m glad we didn’t stay there, I can’t imagine how crowded the beaches must be down there.

We went to Turtle Mound, which is an old Indian refuse pile built mostly of oyster shells. This one dates from 800-1400 and holds lots of history.

All about Turtle Mound.
All about Turtle Mound.

Views from the top:




I caught this butterfly mid-flight
I caught this butterfly mid-flight

We then stopped at the visitors’ center to look around a little. Katy turned in her Junior Ranger book and got her badge and patch.

The we headed for Georgia.


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