Busy Busy Busy

I  may not survive Katy’s last two weeks of school.

Monday Katy needed to be at school early to meet with her group and finish up their butterfly project for science. That had to be cut a bit short because she had to be at a breakfast before school started. Then she was home in the afternoon just long enough to change clothes and head back for the spring orchestra concert.

The group didn’t finish the project Monday morning. so it was back to school early this morning.

Today her Eco-Club had their end of year party during lunch. I contributed “dirt cakes” with the various layers of soil from bedrock on up. I hear they were a hit.

Yummy dirt, complete with worms and dinosaurs somewhere in the middle.
Yummy dirt, complete with worms and dinosaurs somewhere in the middle.

Katy has science right after lunch and her class did their butterfly garden presentations. Katy’s middle school is Autrey Mill Middle School and about a half-mile down the street is Autrey Mill Nature Center. The Nature Center got a $1,000 grant to build a butterfly garden. The board approached the school about having students design gardens and then pick one to be the actual garden design. Seventh grade is earth science so it was worked into their science classes. The kids have been working on this for weeks. They had to research butterflies, plants — which types and their cost, plan a budget staying in the $1,000, design the garden (they were given the size and dimensions) and create a presentation. They worked in groups of three or four. Today all the displays were set up in the gym and the nature center board members came to look at them and parents were invited, as well. Katy said if her group doesn’t win, she hopes one of her friends does. There were some really good designs. I liked one where the garden was in the shape of a butterfly. Very creative.

This is Katy’s group and their display.

Hope we win!
Hope we win!

Then after school was Junior Beta induction. There were about a hundred kids who showed up and they ran them all through in about 15 minutes. They had the kids line up and say their own names and the first group went through so fast the teacher had to tell the rest of the kids to slow down!

Finally in!
Finally in!

The breakfast Monday morning was for the National Spanish Exam. The kids took the exam a couple of months ago and scores were just posted last week. Katy got an 81% for her total (there were two sections) and I really didn’t know if that was good or not. At the breakfast yesterday the students all got certificates that showed their national percentile and Katy scored 91st. So that answered my question!


Friday is the wrap-up of the big social studies project and they are having an international potluck snack. Katy wanted to take pandan cakes so I bought those last week and I have some more curry puff filling in the freezer so I guess I’ll make a few of those, too.

Next week is finals and Katy has to be at school early two days. She signed up to be on the news team next year, which does the morning news show with all the announcements. If you’re on that team you also have to take a one-semester video-editing class. Katy will do the class and the news show the first semester. She’s glad as for that because that means she’ll have PE third or fourth quarter. Last year and this year she’s had PE first quarter, which is when they do volleyball and she really doesn’t like volleyball. And her violin teacher doesn’t like her playing, either, as he’s afraid she’ll break a finger! So she goes in early Wednesday for some kind of news team training and early Friday, the last day of school, to be on the news program.

Next year is looking to be a good year!

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