They were fun while they lasted

After the kids spent the last ice storm sledding on cafeteria trays Heath swiped from college in 1976, plastic lids and anything else they could find, Heath went on Amazon and found some sleds. At three for $28 they weren’t high-quality but they had decent reviews.

These sleds were not meant for Extreme Suburban Ice Sledding.

Katy, Jonathon and Joshua
Katy, Jonathan and Joshua

You can’t really see it, but the orange sled has a big crack in it.

You have to understand what these kids are doing. Katy demonstrates:


The are sliding down one neighbor’s driveway, jumping the end of the driveway, landing on the ice-covered street, shooting across the street and either slamming into the curb or jumping it. They got the idea to build a ramp and are shooting up it and landing somewhere in another neighbor’s yard. The neighbor with the driveway isn’t home and the other neighbor likes kids and isn’t too concerned.

Really, it’s a wonder these sleds last two days and the third one is still in great condition. They’re racing down on the cafeteria trays and swimming kick-boards as well.

Heath has already ordered new sleds. By the next time we have sledding weather Jonathan and Josh will both be off to college.

Updated: Ten minutes after the picture was taken Josh decided to sled on the orange sled and it split and he ended up sliding down on his bottom. It has joined the green sled by the garbage can. Two down, one to go.

One thought on “They were fun while they lasted

  1. Love this story, Leigh Ann! Worth it to buy new sleds for the kids to have such fun! And aren’t you the COOL parents to allow that extreme sledding! Good for you and Heath!

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