DNow 2014

Everything has to be abbreviated these days, so Disciple Now is now DNow. Whatever you call it, Katy went to her first one last weekend. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Disciple Now is a weekend kind of like a retreat except instead of packing the kids off to a camp somewhere, they split their time and activities between host homes and the host church. Church members sign up to host a small group of students. This church divides them between grade and gender so all of the sixth grade girls were in one home. The hostess was one of their Sunday school teachers from last year so Katy was pretty excited about that. During the weekend, the kids alternate between small group Bible studies at their host homes and large-group worship services at church. There is also some recreation time and sometimes a community service activity, just depending on what the organizers schedule.

It’s a really busy weekend. Friday night started with dinner and registration at 6 p.m. and wrapped up with cosmic bowling at Stars and Strikes from 11-12:30. The schedule said bedtime at 1 a.m. but I thought that was pretty ambitious, they were barely going to be home by 1!

Cosmic bowling
Cosmic bowling

This church is big enough they hire a band to lead the music. This year’s group was called A Beautiful War. I really don’t know anything about them. They played in church on Sunday morning and Katy said they were really good.

Worship service. Katy's off to the left looking like the sun is in her eyes
Worship service. Katy’s off to the left looking like the sun is in her eyes

Saturday’s recreation activity was a photo scavenger hunt. I don’t know if those are as much fun with digital cameras. We did them with Polaroids and you had exactly 12 shots for 12 clues.

In jail at Twisted Taco.
In jail at Twisted Taco.
The fire station
The fire station

Sunday morning the kids hauled all their stuff back to church and had a closing worship service during Sunday school then attended church together. The praise band played during church and the showed a video of the weekend. Katy was completely exhausted. I thought she might fall asleep during church but she was still too wired. She slept until noon Monday, though (I was glad when I realized it was a holiday) and had a hard time getting up for school on Tuesday.

It was a great weekend. Katy summed it up by saying “you could feel the love”.


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