Another week, another birthday

Today was Heath’s birthday. I was standing the baking aisle at  the grocery store in front of the birthday candles trying to figure out how old he is.

He decided on Mellow Mushroom for pizza for dinner. That was some place we’d never been before. Our pizza was really good, it had about five kinds of meat including bacon.

Then it was back home for cake and presents. After I overbought on cake for Katy’s birthday last week we didn’t need much cake. I wanted to get a Dr. Who cake but BBC American hasn’t seen fit to license Dr. Who to the likes of Kroger or Wal-Mart. So I got a Carvel ice cream cake. I thought I was getting the kind that is one layer of cake and one of ice cream. This was all ice cream (chocolate and vanilla layers) with chocolate crumbles. Well, Heath really likes ice cream so he was happy.

Make a wish
Make a wish

I gave him some Dr. Who trinkets and a nice 50th anniversary book. I don’t know anything about Dr. Who but it had good reviews on Amazon. I wanted to get the Dr. Who scarf but I decided he doesn’t need a $50 scarf. The mug is a photo mug and has two photos of Kallie.

Look what I got!
Look what I got!

It was a nice evening.

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