Camp Juliette Low … 90 Years and Counting

We got Katy safely delivered to Camp Juliette Low today. This is the camp that Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, established herself. I believe the land was donated. The family that owned it had already donated 10 acres to the Boy Scouts. Of course it’s a lot bigger now. Daisypicked 10 acres including a lake and it’s been expanded to 330 acres. It’s up in the mountains out in the sticks. This will be a real wilderness adventure for Katy. The camp has actually been privately owned since the 1930s. In 1927, right before she died, Daisy gave control of the camp to a board of directors and a few years later the board decided the camp would be better off independent from Girl Scouts. If you’re interested in reading about the history of the camp it’s here: And a Day in the Life at camp is here:

For all they talk about kids coming from all over the world everyone we talked to was from around metro Atlanta and Katy’s three tent-mates are from Marietta (about 13 miles away). But this is one of only two one-week sessions so who knows who comes for the two week sessions.

It’s six nights in a tent, which is a first for Katy. There are four girls to a tent. The other three girls in Katy’s tent all came together and I think two had been there one other time and it was the third girl’s first time. I think it may be her first time at camp ever, she looked a little uncertain. But they all seemed to be nice girls and nice parents. The one counselor in her unit who we talked to lives in Los Angeles. Seems like a long way to come for camp job, it must be good!

Home for the week.
Home for the week.
Katy on her bed. Her trunk fits underneath with a little room to spare.
Katy on her bed. Her trunk fits underneath with a little room to spare.

I bought a shower curtain liner for Katy to cover her bed it. It was a little short so the end of her bed might get a little wet. She isn’t long enough to reach the end of the bed, anyway. About the time we left it started pouring rain!

Katy signed up for canoeing, outdoor living skills and hiking as her first choices for activities and drama for an alternate. And horseback riding is above and beyond those choices. I hope she gets into the outdoor living skills, that was the main reason for picking this camp (along with the history). When it came time to say goodbye, Katy gave us a quick hug and went back to talking with her new friends. She forgets we even exist before we’re even gone! I know she’s going to have a great week.

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