The Storm

Front row l-r: Katy and Nadia. Back l-r: Elizabeth, Ivy, Catherine
Front row l-r: Katy and Nadia.
Back l-r: Elizabeth, Ivy, Catherine

Photo of the crime-fighting five

The Storm

 Chapter One

 It was a peaceful day in the fifth grade at Chacooley Elementary. Nothing could disturb the peace in the classroom. Nothing except for an emergency. The students continued to write and think, think and write until bam! A clap of thunder shook the building until everything was muddled, and the students worried. This broke their train of thought as they tried to sort out their belongings. The intercom came on as the students cleaned up the mess. Ms. Lucina, their teacher, commanded them to continue their process. They never got a chance to hear it, though, because the sheets of  rain that pounded the ground drowned out the sound.

The students of Ms. Lucina’s fifth grade class were your average kids. They wanted extra recess, no homework, and some probably wanted that test to be postponed. They would split up into boy-girl tables, and had normal lives. Or at least some of them.

One of these girls was Nadia. She was a sweet girl with black hair, and was very sarcastic. Her curiosity got her into many scrapes on her many adventures. Another was named Elizabeth who was very sensible and never liked fights of any sort. Her twin sister, Catherine, helped in every way. They both had black hair, and tan skin.The siblings hated to be split up and were constantly searching for each other. The final girl in this group was Katy, who was very adventurous. She had short, brown hair, a freckled face, and very white skin.  If it hadn’t been for her, who knows where her friends might be! The four girls had been together for many years, and met a new girl who was very shy. This girl had jet black hair, was very tall, and also had tan skin. Her name was Ivy, and little did she know of the adventure that awaited.

Chapter Two

Four of them were in this class – Ivy, Katy, Nadia, and Elizabeth. Except for Ivy, they knew an adventure when they saw one. All of a sudden the rain stopped, and they heard Ms. Lucina mumble “Must be lightning. Why lightning? Why?” The four girls knew what had happened. A phone rang, and Ms. Lucina quickly answered it. Once she hung up, she called the four girls. “It seems to me,” she said uncertainly, “that your help is needed, and there is a car waiting outside for you.”

Ivy was amazed, but the others, not so much. They hurried to the car and quickly met Catherine once inside the vehicle. Soon they arrived at the police station. “At last,” said the chief, “you are here. You are the only hope for this town!” Ivy stared at the officer.

“What do you mean?” she questioned. The chief looked at the other four. They shook their head. He smiled.

 “You will see in time. The others are used to this, but you will soon get used to adventures,” he replied. “To complete the mission, we will take the car, and I will go with you.” The girls shook their heads. “OK. You can go alone and on foot. Here is a description of your mission.” He handed Katy a white piece of paper, and off they went.

 Chapter Three

A worried Elizabeth stuck by Catherine and winced at every bolt of lightning. All of a sudden Elizabeth’s shrill scream pierced the air as she tumbled to the ground. Catherine also shrieked as she bent down over her sister. Katy and Nadia rushed to the rescue as Ivy just stood there, not knowing what to do. Soon Elizabeth revived and Catherine stopped crying. Elizabeth then said what happened. “At first it was a little shock, then it grew until I felt like I was on fire. I couldn’t stand it – and then I knew nothing.”

“So, um, can we go now?” Ivy asked. Catherine shot her an evil glare.

“Why,” she questioned, “why would you say that when my sister is so weak?” As soon as that was said, Elizabeth stood up and announced that she was all right. Katy looked at the paper, but Ivy snatched it away from her. “Hey!” Katy shouted. Ivy ignored her, and read the paper. Her eyes got bigger and bigger until it seemed like her eyes would pop out of her head. She slammed the paper on the ground, sending Nadia to chase after it. “Why didn’t you tell me this?” she shouted. The piece of paper had a record of all the missions the girls had encountered.

“I, I wasn’t sure if you were ready,” Katy stammered. Just then, Nadia returned with the paper. She started to read it aloud.

“You need to save this town, blah, blah, blah, have three hours, okay, that’s fine, more useless information, somebody created a machine to make lightning? What?” she shouted, and then started to run. “We only have 30 more minutes! Follow the lightning!” Everybody followed her, and they soon found a rickety old building. They went inside, found a candle, and lit it.

Chapter Four

A creaking sound was heard, and Nadia went closer to the sound. Katy shoved everyone in a corner, except for Nadia. She crept forward, and saw what was making the sound. It was a barn owl! “Ugh. This isn’t his hideout at all,” Nadia shouted as the others came out of hiding. Of course, as soon as she said that, she fell through a trap door. She saw a black figure, and before she could get away, her head was covered and she attempted to scream as she was dragged away. As soon as Nadia was through, it closed.

Even Katy was amazed. Nothing like this had ever happened before. After a couple of seconds Elizabeth spoke up. “Okay, this is our guy. I think. So let’s think. What can we do to get to him?” They all thought.

Catherine was the first with an idea. Her idea was to stand on the trap door, hold each other, and shout “let’s get that man!” as loud as they could, and hope that the trap door opened, allowing them to enter.

“Ta-da!” said Ivy. While everyone was thinking she had been prying open the door. She was so shy, nobody knew what she was capable of. They congratulated her as they climbed into the hole. They heard muffled sounds, and quickly found Nadia. “Come on! I wanted more of an adventure. Can you rediscover me later?” she cried. All they did was drag her along.

The girls decided to split up when they came to a fork in the path. Katy and Nadia went to the left, and the twins and Ivy to the right. They had barely gone anywhere when they came across a large room. Ivy began searching. Catherine was running away from a spider, and ran up a ladder. The others decided to follow her.

Chapter Five

Meanwhile, Katy and Nadia had no luck in finding anything. Once they reached a dead end, they went to join the others, and made it just in time to see Ivy disappear up the ladder. They immediately followed.  When they reached the top of the ladder, they were out in the open. The wind was blowing and rain was so intense that they could barely see. But when lightning struck, they saw their goal – the lightning machine, or LM, as they  decided to call it.

They knew where the LM  was, but who would go? Elizabeth had dropped her glasses, Katy and Catherine were helping her look for them, and Nadia left her glasses behind and was trying to stay dry. To stay entertained, she looked around and saw a piece of paper. “Ivy, Ivy!” she shouted, “go to the machine, we have five minutes left!” Ivy bolted toward the machine, and pressed every button.

“It’s not working!” she cried. Nadia searched frantically for another note. Katy looked for anything – whether it was a note, button, or Elizabeth’s glasses. She saw something inscribed in the floor.

“Ivy, stay there, press the blue button when I tell you to and I will do the rest,” she commanded. Ivy got in position, and Katy scrambled to the corner, where a hidden button was located. “All right, one, two, three!” They pressed their objects, and the rain began to lighten. Ivy located a self-destruct button and destroyed the LM.


When they returned to the station, the chief was very pleased. He had medals for each of them (and new glasses for Elizabeth) and was happy that Ivy quickly adjusted to adventures. He had a special prize for Ivy, a solid gold ring that said “Destroy LM”. This was the best moment of her life. But then she realized that although this was the end of this adventure, it was not the end of all the adventures.

The next day, a celebration was held. Students were let out of school, and Ivy felt weird with all of the attention. She looked down, and twirled her golden ring. At least that doesn’t give me praise, she thought. Elizabeth stopped at every mirror to admire her new glasses. Catherine stared at her shiny silver medal. Nadia’s sky blue medal sparkled as it hung from her neck. Katy didn’t have anything just then. She left her emerald necklace shining on her bed. She thought man, we hit a button and we get a party. It is not that big of a deal! She liked to get attention, but only when it was for something that was a big deal. This was not!

They were sad that this adventure was over so quickly, but knew that another would come there way very soon.

 About the Author

Katy Harvey was born on December 11, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. She wrote this book in the fifth grade, and the characters are real people or based on others. The teacher, Ms. Lucina, was based on her homeroom teacher, Ms. Huber. The four girls are Harvey’s best friends, and Ivy really was a shy girl until she knew Harvey and her friends. Harvey currently lives in Johns Creek, Georgia, with her parents and two dogs.

See what others thought about The Storm!

Truly a wonderful story. A must read for children!”- The New York Times

“Once you begin, you can’t put it down. You will always be full of suspense with Katy and her friends!” -The Horn Book Magazine

“It seems like a mystery, but it is much more. It is a story of friendship, change, and friends with a dash of mystery,”         -Saturday Review

“Ivy is a great addition to the gang. Her secret cleverness could easily fool the bad guys!” – the Atlanta Journal Constitution

“With each girl having her own personality, this is a great  group of girls. Nobody would guess that they are crime fighters!” -Booklist

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