Crazy for the Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom has absolutely taken over around here. If the kids don’t have one and aren’t making and selling bracelets, necklaces and other creations, they’re buying them from the kids who do have them and are making them. And the kids who have the looms but can’t make anything more than the basic single bracelet are buying the fancier items from the other kids. At least this is a more productive fad than Silly Bandz were!

If you haven’t seen or heard of a Rainbow Loom, you can get up to date at It’s a plastic loom that you used to weave together rubber bands like the ones kids put on their braces. It was invented by Choon Ng who is recently of Michigan but originally from Malaysia. He said his daughters tried to show him how to weave rubber bands together to make something but his fingers were too big. He looped them around push pins and that worked somewhat better but he said it was like performing surgery. And then he hit on the idea of a loom. The pins on the looms just about the same size and shape as a push pin. He had a few made with final assembly done at home. The Doug and Melissa representative showed it to the owner of our Learning Express who decided to order a few and demonstrate them in the store. Once word got around, he couldn’t keep them in stock. Every time I go in the store they’re restocking either the looms or the bands. The Learning Express owner said he thinks in six months they’ll be available in all 50 states. They are available on Amazon, now.

This weekend Choon Ng was in town along with his wife and two daughters and his sister (who is visiting from Malaysia) for a special event. His daughters and wife taught several classes on how to make a Valentine’s design and they had a design contest. Katy took one of the classes and entered the contest. She entered three categories and won third prize for the non-jewelry category. She made a pair of shoes for an American Girl doll and everyone was really impressed. We saw all the winning entries and they were amazing. First place for non-jewelry was a belt with a bow on the front. Very nice! There were 200 entries and everything was just really good. I’m glad I didn’t have to judge. And based on the numbers of entries I was surprised when Katy won anything. I thought her shoes were just unique enough to get attention. I suggested a head band and it turned out they had several head bands entered.

Choon has been in shock over it all. This has grown far beyond anything he ever imagined. The store owner said Choon was really shocked when he ordered a shipping container full. That was the end of the kitchen-table assembly!

Learning Express offers classes for Rainbow Loom projects all the time (Katy’s taken two others) and would like for the contest winners to teach their creations. Katy is excited about possibly teaching a class.

Choon posed for a lot of photos and signed looms and storage boxes. He and his daughters all signed Katy’s storage box.

Katy, Choon and the girls (one is named Michelle, I didn't get the other one's name and you can't read her autograpah!)
Katy, Choon and the girls (one is named Michelle, I didn’t get the other one’s name and you can’t read her autograpah!)
Choon presenting Katy with her gift card.
Choon presenting Katy with her gift card.
A close-up of the shoes
A close-up of the shoes

4 thoughts on “Crazy for the Rainbow Loom

  1. I love the Rainbow Loom! I saw it on Face Book and ordered one for my Grand Daughter. She loved it and picked up the technique right off. Then she took it home and I missed it so I bought myself one. It is so much fun and a good thing to do while watching TV. We are making the Loom designs for her to sell to earn some fun money for our Fall Break cruise. S

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