Bring out cake #3

Today’s Heath’s birthday. We went to dinner at Satay House and enjoyed yummy Malay food including curry puffs and satay. And brought back lots of leftovers!

After dinner at home was cake. I made this from a mix and Betty Crocker should be ashamed of herself. It wasn’t very good. Katy decorated it.


Blow out the candles!
Blow out the candles!

Heath got one big present.

It's a brain in a box!
It’s a brain in a box!

Actually, it’s a bean bag. The Packers bean bag I bought Heath 12 years ago has really seen its better days and it was time to replace it. I found this on on Amazon. It’s the smallest the company makes and it’s just huge. The instructions say to allow several hours for the beans to fully fill out as it had all the air sucked out of it for shipping. I hope we don’t wake up in the morning to see that it’s taken over the living room. It has a removable machine washable cover so when a dog eventually pees, poops or pukes on it I can clean it. It also has some type of fill that’s supposed to hold its shape so it won’t flatten out over the years.

I've fallen and I can't get up!
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
Everyone checking out the beanbag.
Everyone checking out the beanbag.
Buddy thinks it's his
Buddy thinks it’s his

The pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s as tall as the coffee table and takes up most of the space between the coffee table and the TV stand. We now have three half-eaten cakes. Feel free to stop by for leftover cake!

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