Birthday Season has started

It’s the first day of Birthday Season in our house. Katy turned 11 today. She had a pretty exciting day at school. It was Lunch Bunch when the kids can read a book and then discuss it during lunch. For Lunch Bunch the PTA provides pizza (from a restaurant, not cafeteria pizza!) juice and cookies. The book they discussed was Where the Red Fern Grows. I donated a book in her name for Birthday Book Club and when those ladies showed up to make the presentation her class was on their way somewhere so they sang Happy Birthday in the hallway. The book was a children’s biography about Temple Grandin. She’ll return it tomorrow and it’ll become part of the library’s collection.

This afternoon was her monthly Girl Scout meeting. The girls met at Autry Mill Nature Center for a program. That’s one of Katy’s favorite places so she enjoyed that.

After dinner we had cake and presents. I bought a Cake Boss cake from Kroger. It was really good!


Blow out the candles!
Blow out the candles!

The cake was one layer of chocolate, one of yellow and fudge in between. It was really good.

Presents were next. Grandma cross-stitched a teddy bear and inserted it into a pillow.


Auntie Lee sent Snap Circuits. They are very popular this year and I know Katy will have a lot of fun with them.


Next came presents from Mommy and Daddy. I bought her a bracelet making kit that is all the rage at her school. Now she can make her own bracelets instead of buying them off the other kids who got their looms months ago. The big present, however, was The Kindle. I’d told her she didn’t need one but she was still hoping.



I told her she wasn’t allowed to take it to school (no electronics at school) or the bathtub! I think she may get into bed a lot faster at night from now on! It’s the new Paperwhite and is really nice. I loaded it up with a bunch of free books (classics, Wizard of Oz, the Katy series) so that should keep her busy for awhile. Our public library also has a lot of ebooks to loan including about 95 Nancy Drew books. That should cut down on my trips to the library.

Tonight was the family celebration. Saturday we are taking Katy and two friends to American Girl for dinner. Next Tuesday is Heath’s birthday. Yes, we will be having three cakes in eight days at our house. If you’re in the mood for cake, you’re welcome to stop by anytime!




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