And it didn’t hurt at all!

Katy finally caved in to peer pressure and decided she wanted her ears pierced. I decided instead of taking her to the mall to have a dull earring forced through her ear at a high rate of speed by someone with two weeks of practice I’d take her to a body piercing place. Who knew there was a tattoo and body piercing place a couple of miles down the street? Jason was Katy’s piercer and he was awesome. He was really calming and explained to Katy everything he was doing and showed her the clamp (tried it out on her finger) and then the tiny needles. He also waited for me to change the batteries in my camera! Not only were the single-use needles and clamp sterilized, so were the earrings. They were each wrapped up just like the other items.

First ear. Close your eyes and take a deep breath!

She was surprised to find she barely felt it and really relaxed.

Second ear. She’s not even wincing.
All done!

Katy brought along her stuffed animal for moral support.

Somehow I expected a professional body piercer to look a little more like Pierce from Zits.

I got a pamphlet on aftercare and it has aftercare for all types of piercing. I mean ALL TYPES. Jason said I might not want to show it to Katy. I’m kind of sorry I looked at it! She got a spray can of a sterile saline wash to clean it with twice a day for six weeks and then we can go shopping for earrings!

If you’re looking to have anything pierced, I highly recommend Inksomnia on Douglas Road. I’m sure they’re great at tattoos, too, but I’m not providing any first-hand experience on that.

One thought on “And it didn’t hurt at all!

  1. Well, I would have never thought of that! I got my ears pierced in the “olden days” and a next door neighbor did mine and my mother’s at the same time. She was a nurse and used a scalpel. Everything was very sterile though! poor Caryle-Anne and Christyn had theirs done at the mall though. UGH!

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