There’s nothing sadder than a wet clown

Doesn’t he look pathetic?

We knew it was going to rain but we thought it was going to just sprinkle a bit and move on. We weren’t expecting a deluge. When it got to the point that we were soaked to the skin and I couldn’t see through my glasses we decided it was time to leave. But up until the rain got heavy it was a nice parade and we enjoyed it.

This old police car has a license plate that says Aunt Bea.
Here are some old soldiers.
And a few more
Heath and Katy picking up candy.
Katy liked the red, white and blue candy corn.
Candy in the street.
The Shriners always turn out with their motorcycles and lots of funny little cars. This was a new one.

You can tell it’s starting to rain here. This is just before we left. It was fun while we were there. Hopefully next year will be better Usually it’s blazing hot. Katy is in the process of cataloging the two pounds of candy she collected.

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