School’s out!

Katy says she thinks it was her favorite year at Dolvin. It’s definitely been the hardest. I went to help out with her party today. The kids had frozen yogurt and toppings followed by a noisy game of Family Feud. And Katy’s team won on a steal (What do  you do on a snow day? Watch TV.).

Doctoring up the frozen yogurt
Our room mother presented the teacher with a framed collage of photos taken throughout the year.

Since there was quite a bit of money left in the classroom fund it was decided to order t-shirts for the kids. They were going to sign them but by the time we got the game finished and shirts passed out it was time to line up for the fifth grade walk and there wasn’t any time.


Group photo. There were 20 boys and nine girls in the class. The classes were all divided by math and reading level. Her homeroom was all advanced and accelerated math students and those do tend to be boys. Her afternoon class was all advanced and accelerated reading students but it was a little more balanced between boys and girls.

Everybody smile!

Now to start our very busy summer!

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