It’s Easter

We got back from vacation late last night but the Easter Bunny knew we were back. Katy left her basket out for him but he left her a new basket. So she had two baskets worth of stuff. Maybe he just didn’t want to hide all those eggs.

Lots of Easter goodies. There's some peeps hiding back there. Katy just loves those.
Katy and Lanie are ready for church

Heath wanted to get to church early and we got there before the first service was even over with. The early service was pretty full. We usually only have one service on Sunday so there were lots of visitors.

Then it was back home to see what was left in the yard.

I see two! We have a great yard for hiding eggs.
Here's another one.
What a find!

Some of the eggs had the shapes of bugs on them and some actually were in the shape of ladybugs and frogs (or were they turtles?). Those had Lemonheads and jelly beans in them. The plain eggs had “Squinky” toys and then there were some confetti eggs.

Close-up of fancy eggs.
Heath cracking a confetti egg on Katy.
What a mess!

Then it was back inside to check out what was in the eggs.

It was a fun morning but we’re tired after three busy days.

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