A fish tale

We went fishing out in the gulf today. It was pretty overcast and windy but that just means it didn’t get hot until late. Our guide was a friend of my dad’s.


Are we having fun yet?

Katy caught the first fish, a sheep’s head.

Look what I caught!

And she caught the second fish, too! It was red fish. The legal minimum is 20 inches and hers was 20.5 inches. She later caught another one that was just exactly 20 inches to the long end of his back fin.

I'm a pro now!

We caught a lot of small fish that had to be thrown back and several hard-head catfish that aren’t fit to eat. Granddad had the worst luck. He caught three fish and all three were too small to keep. That’s the kind of luck he has with fishing.

He's a runt, throw him back!

We also fed a lot of fish as they kept nibbling the shrimp but not catching the hook. They were biting but they weren’t hanging on!

Riding back to the dock

Katy with the haul. She caught three fish, I caught two and mother caught one. We ended up with one sheep’s head, two trout and three redfish.

Showing off our haul

The pelicans hanging around hoping for scraps. There was a fish-cleaning area right by the water and when everyone cleans their fish, they throw and skin and insides to the pelicans who then fight over them.

Bring on the food!
Dinner tastes better when you catch it yourself.


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