First day of spring break

Well, today was our first day of spring break here in Texas. We went to a fundraiser barbecue in Yoakum with the car club. We all met at Sams in Victoria and drove out together. Mother, Katy and I just took the Camry, Daddy drove the Mustang. We were the last car so we could look out for any breakdowns. We reached an intersection and the old car in front us got stopped at the red light. A tanker making a left turn got in front of him but pulled over so he could catch up to the others. It was obvious all those old cars were together.

Part of the caravan. There were 11 cars.

Besides the barbecue, there were lots of old cars, crafts and canned goods for sale, a bake sale, plant sale, silent and live auctions and a loud band called the Shiner Hobo Band. We got there around 10 when it first started and there weren’t too many people but when the after-church crowd showed up it was packed.

Nothing says "hobo" like a nice pair of khakis with patches sewn onto them.
If you can't find your baton, just grab a sparkly toilet plunger.
Grandmother, Mother and Katy with Warren's car, Pinky.
Katy in Grandma's Mustang. She can't quite reach the pedals.
Katy getting a lesson in how the engine works.


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