Thinking about …

… Our sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world. Our Girl Scout Service Unit had its Thinking Day event today. Troops picked a country to learn about and set up booths. Each booth had information on the country, a stamp for the girls’ “passport,” a SWAP (pin to exchange) and a snack. I led Katy’s troop in learning about Singapore. The girls made ang pows and served agar agar. We had an abacus, five stones and chopsticks for the girls to try out as well as other things to look at and learn about.

Tri-fold one
Tri-fold two
Katy with the completed booth

The event opened with a parade of nations and a ceremony by the troop hosting the event.

Katy and MacKenzie juggling the flag
More flags
Chopstick practice was popular with all ages
Our snack

I brought this picture to show the girls  how agar agar is sometimes served and they were very impressed.

I thought we might run out of agar agar so I brought a box of made-in-Singapore cookies for a back up. Some of the little Daisies didn’t want to try to agar agar so I offered a cookie instead. They wouldn’t eat that, either. These girls weren’t picky, they were suspicious! And on the subject of snacks, Australia had Vegemite on Wheat Thins. The leader said most girls took a bite, walked across the room and threw it away. But she said they all tried it. And Katy said she liked it. Canada was right next to us and they had Kraft Mac and Cheese. It turns out Canadians eat more Kraft macaroni and cheese(called Kraft Dinner) than anyone else. Who knew?

The whole troop with the booth

More booth photos:

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