Friends may come and go …

But cousins are forever. Even if you haven’t seen them since the other cousin was two and doesn’t even remember it, cousins are your first friends of life.

My cousin Adrian is having a baby and her sister, Nimet, had a shower for her today. They both happen to live in Georgia and not too far from us. These are cousins on my dad’s side. There are 22 first cousins and everyone is scattered (and you need a flowchart to keep up with who is talking to whom among our parents) so we don’t see each other much, but it’s fun when we do. I wish Katy could have gone and met her cousins (Nimet actually got to come see us when Katy was a baby) but she’s off camping. Hopefully we can all get together another time.

Adrian, me and Nimet. I feel short!

The shower was at a Thai restaurant at an outlet mall not far from us and it was quite a crowd, about 35 people. And Adrian certainly has some generous friends. There was a small mountain of very large gift bags! I had to leave pretty early in the gift-opening.

Darren checking out a vintage Fisher Price dollhouse and school bus.
It was fun picking out baby clothes

I gave Adrian the two dresses, a bottle of Hylands teething tablets and an Eric Carle book (The Very Busy Spider) and stuffed lamb to go along with it. When Katy was born, our Grandma Whiddon who died a few years ago, made Katy some blankets. I was able to pass one of those blankets on to Adrian for her baby. If Mamaw had been here she would have made some herself, I know.

And speaking of Eric Carle, he was sure popular. Right now Khols Cares for Kids is featuring  his books and stuffed animals. Adrian got a couple of copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider and the other two books, too, I believe. She had the other three animals, but not the lamb. So I got to complete the set!

It was a very nice afternoon and baby Hanneke is supposed to be here sometime in April.

Congratulations Adrian and Darren! And Aunt Nimet.

2 thoughts on “Friends may come and go …

  1. That stuff was more expensive than I remember it being, too. I wasn’t sure if it was available, it was off the market for a while because of some FDA issue but I found it at Kroger.

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