Katy’s first hockey game

Mine, too, for that matter. Katy’s school chorus was singing during one of the intermissions. She missed singing at the game at Christmas as it was her birthday and we couldn’t squeeze anything else in, so we went this time. Out of 120 kids in chorus only 28 made it. They sang God Bless America and sounded great. Oh, and the school is Dolvin Elementary and the announcer said “Dolphin Elementary”. Heath thought that was pretty funny. This was a minor-league team called the Gwinnett Gladiators. It was held at the same place as the circus last week only it wasn’t nearly so crowded!

They’re up there somewhere, squint and you can see Katy!

It was Girls Gone Gladiators night and they had lots of women-oriented things. Including breast-cancer awareness. We walked in the door turned a corner and walked smack into these guys.

Every time we passed them they were getting their pictures taken with someone.

Heath bought Katy a University of Wisconsin hockey shirt for the occasion and she wore it under her chorus shirt. This is the Gladiators’ mascot. His name is Maximus. The Gladiators won 2-1 I think. It was a fun game. Heath really enjoyed the game and Katy of course enjoyed hanging out with her friends.

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