How many clowns does it take to change a lightbulb?

We saw several clowns attempt to change a lightbulb but I don’t remember if they ever actually succeeded in getting it changed or not.

This weekend’s entertainment was a trip to the big top. Or the big building, anyway. We went to the circus every year for a while and then decided to take a break. This year we were in the mood to go again. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey has also added a show in Gwinnett County so we no longer have to haul down into Atlanta to see the show. That makes it much easier. This year’s show was Fully Charged. And was it ever!

We got there in time for the all-access pre-show but word has gotten out about that and it was so crowded you couldn’t see anything. Katy did try on a costume. In the past people weren’t really aware of the pre-show and Katy had been able to participate in different activities, get lots of autographs and get up close the different performances. In the past few years word had really gotten around and the floor was so packed you were better off just sitting in your seat and watching from a distance.

Katy did get to try on a costume. said it was heavy and itchy. Many of the costumes are very heavy, they were hanging on steel hangers.

Ready for the show to start!

We had really good seats. The first two rows were the Circus VIP seats. Those are the ones where you pay twice as much and then get to ride in the parade or, at this show, they sat in the ring for a few of the performances. We were in the first row behind them. Another advantage to Gwinnett over Phillips Arena: you can afford to sit up close! The high-wire act was almost directly above us. It was pretty intimidating from that perspective.

The Danguir Troupe — look out below!

The real highlight of the show was The Human Fuse. He was shot  out of a crossbow by his wife. They also both have been shot out of a cannon and are the only human cannon ball couple in the worlds. So naturally, Ringling snatched them up!

There he goes!

No, I didn’t take that photo, I swiped it from somewhere. It was really impressive, he gets up to 65 mph. While on fire, don’t forget!

I’m not usually a big fan of the strong-man act, but these guys were pretty cool. They are from Uzbekistan and have been friends since they were six. I wonder what their mothers thought of them running off and joining the circus together!

The Turning Towers of Power

Those are telephone poles with four girls on swings (the fourth is behind them). I’m not sure if the clown is providing balance or just hanging out. Anyway, they picked up some pretty good speed.

Those were the acts that really stood out to me. And of course we enjoyed the horses, elephants and tigers and the various clown acts.

Elephants on parade

And there was a big, spectacular finish!

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