Science is awesome

Katy thinks so, anyway. I’ve been wanting to get Katy to the Tellus Science Museum for the past couple of years. She has a four-day weekend this weekend so we decided to go today. Getting out of the house and up there was an ordeal. I had taken cough syrup with codeine last night and hadn’t slept it all off so I was sleepy and dizzy to begin with. Then for the first time in as long as I can remember I got carsick and was worried I was going to christen the inside of Heath’s new vehicle. We got to Cartersville, pretty close to the museum, and stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch. Between that and a pitstop at Target for some Pepto Bismol I got my stomach under control and we were on our way.

Here we are

The museum is divided into four areas and we went to the Science in Motion exhibit first. It had early cars and motorcycles, a replica of the Wright brothers’ plane and lots of space stuff. We learned that in the early days of motor vehicles you could buy a conversion kit for $90 to turn your bicycle into a motorcycle.

The first car to go in reverse

This was the first car to go in reverse. The wheels were really big to navigate poor roads.

Katy loved all the space exhibits.

The rockets are all in proportion to each other
Tire from a space shuttle. It traveled 3.9 million miles in 10 days


Ready for my spacewalk!

Then we went from the space age to pre-history.

Notice that the tyrannosaurus rex’s short forearms make it impossible for him to operate the joy stick and push the button simultaneously while playing video games. (A little Toy Story reference!)

Look out behind you!

When Katy saw “touch if you dare” she knew what was going on and wouldn’t touch it!

Katy wouldn't touch it!

And for my Texas friends, a pre-historic armadillo. I wouldn’t want to hit this with my car. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s pretty big.  And look at the artist’s rendering, it was pretty ferocious-looking.

Giant pre-historic armadillo

Oh, we also learned that the brontosaurus has a new name now.

Then it was on to check out the minerals. First Katy panned for gems and hunted fossils. They had a lot of plastic “fossils” molded into the exhibit for the kids to uncover and they also had lots of little fossils and each child could take one. Katy ended up with some type of stingray teeth.

Panning for gems
Digging for fossils

The mineral gallery was really neat. They had a display of the periodic table with a glass case for each element. Inside were various products using that element or things to represent the elements’ use. There is a theory that a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs and it contained a high level of some element. So that element’s case had a plastic dinosaur laying on its side. And we found bismuth with the bottle of Pepto Bismol! They also had a display showing which rocks are in your food. Some of it was surprising.

What's really in your food

The fourth area was made up of hands-on displays. Most of it was stuff Katy had done before but she loves to try out everything. She and Heath really liked the gravity and friction activity where you arranged plastic shelves to see which arrangement made balls travel faster or slower.

Gravity and friction

They also have a planetarium. We bought tickets for a show on solar storms. I still wasn’t feeling well and slept through most of it but the parts I saw were interesting and Heath and Katy thought it was neat. Before the show, we saw a display of what our sky would like like at 8 p.m. tonight. We saw the city view (just a few of the brightest planets and stars) and then the country views. What a difference! We saw the different constellations and how to pick them out and also saw the Milky Way in the country view.

All in all it was a fun day. I’d like to go back for one of the night programs when the observatory is open. And they sometimes have astronauts to speak, also. If you’re local and haven’t been, I recommend it!

One thought on “Science is awesome

  1. Thanks for sharing and taking all the time to record this wonderful experience Leigh Ann. Your little Astronaut looks so comfortable in these scientific surroundings. Well done!

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