Merry Christmas to all …

.. and to all a big bottle of Pepto Bismol. We are all stuffed!

Well, it was a quiet low-key Christmas with the just three of us and the dogs. On Christmas Eve, Katy wanted to put some cookies out for Santa.

Our cookies never look like anything like what you see in the magazines. That blobby thing is Santa Claus and the gingerbread man was the only one with the head and legs still attached.

Well, Buddy thought the cookies were for him and spent a good while trying to figure out how to get to them.

If I can stretch a little bit further …

After he tried reaching from the top of his crate and trying to scale the space heater to the left (thankfully it was off), he decided to  try to get one of us to come over and get them down.

He finally gave up on that and the rest of the evening was peaceful.

The next morning, Katy came running into the bedroom (around 8, she’s good about that) to tell us Santa left a frog.

Santa came!

And he ate the cookies!

All gone!

And left crickets in Katy’s stocking.

Bacon-cheese flavored crickets

Someone should tell Santa you’re supposed to put candy in the stocking not bugs! She hasn’t eaten them yet but I plan to have the camera ready when she does.

Oh, and the frog was a stuffed Kermit. That’s good because we don’t need another pet.

Kallie was very interested in all the presents. Is this for me? Can I eat it?

Buddy was happy just to lay on my lap while I opened presents.

I thought we could use the plate for our “cookies for Santa” plate. Then I turned it around to take the picture and saw this:


Here Heath and Katy are opening our solar-powered lights-up-at-night pink plastic flamingo for the yard. The neighbors are going to love us!

After we opened most of the presents we headed to church. It was a pretty big crowd, we filled up the main floor of the sanctuary. It was raining and the pastor said he was afraid it was going to be just him and the staff as “every five raindrops stops six Baptists from coming to church”. After church it was home for quiet afternoon. I took a nap and Katy went over to play with a friend and her Christmas kitten.

For dinner I made a ham in the crock pot and it came out pretty well.

Come and get it!

And after you’ve eaten your fill, just pass out where ever you are.


I was trying to help Heath pry open the doors to the china cabinet and knocked him over. That was pretty much all the excitement he could take.

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