Another week another birthday

We still have half of Katy’s ice cream cake in the freezer and tonight we sliced another cake for Heath’s birthday. We went to dinner at Figo’s, a pasta place where you pair up your own pasta and sauce choices. It was a nice, quick dinner and then home for cake and presents.

Heath has a collection of Counting Sheep and he had pulled out the 55 sheep in honor of his 55th birthday.

Sheep #55 wants some cake
Heath and 55 blow out the candles

Heath is next to impossible for shop for but I managed to scrounge up a couple of things he didn’t already have. Thanks to my friend Kim Trimble who is a huge sports fan I found out that they make Pillow Pets for sports teams. I can’t imagine what a Packers Pillow Pet would look like, but the Bucky Badger one was cute. I showed it to Buddy and Buddy bit its nose!

Heath and Bucky

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